Enlil:  Fated Trades and Karma

Enlil is fierce karmic Wind God that can leave you feeling stranded in a crawl space. There are Destiny gaps; space­­––time intersections that can alter your life. An example of karmic coordinates is when someone shares the wind on your path for a timeless second yet leaves an imprint behind.  It is as if two winds meet at one preordained spot on your compass. I call passing encounters “touch-ins.” [click_to_tweet tweet=”Touch-in’s happen when people breeze through your energy field, then disappear forever. #karma #destiny” quote=”Touch-in’s happen when people breeze through your energy field, then disappear forever. “]Have you ever met someone right before they unexpectedly passed, or had a friend come back into your life as they were transitioning through their last life cycle?  Its as if a meeting with your energy field offered a soul completion so the body could release the spirit to the wind. This divine moment acts as a catalyst for change. These are  karmic winds of chance. Longer term time trades can be had with people who are in your life for many years.

During these seasonal shifts, Enlil reminds us to pay closer attention to who and what crosses our path. During the movement from the equinox towards darkness, he is asking us to pay closer attention to our physical surroundings. Tend to your home, place of work and yard. It is time for Ceremony and Celebration: Journey to the Inner Harvest, take a Wind Bath, and/or take inventory of your Harvest during a Wind Walk.

Enlil Reminds us that knowledge is hidden in the gap between seasons. The colorful Fall leaves swirling through the cool air remind us there is beauty in darkness and death. There are answers hidden in the wind caves, if you would only Ask!

Enlil (Lord Air – a supreme deity and chief of the Gods who granted fates and kingships) was depicted as half bird and half human. Lord Wind ruled agriculture, social conventions, hurricanes and gentle winds. His word had ultimate authority.

As the keeper of the Mes, Enlil blows in from the West to give you feedback on your Harvest.  Allow the invisible winds of Enlil to enliven your instincts as you Harvest this year’s crop. What are you keeping? What should be covered under the Earth for the next growing season?

Do no accept things at face value. Question your own and other authority whenever new information is presented. Learn to utilize the gifts from the fall bounty.  There is divine timing behind all events, including a fallow field.

[clickToTweet tweet=”It was Enlil’s supreme duty to decree all fates, and his commands could not be overturned.” quote=”It was Enlil’s supreme duty to decree all fates, and his commands could not be overturned.”]

The Sumerians occupied the southeastern region of Mesopotamia, meaning, “land between the rivers,” Tigris and the Euphrates. This fertile crescent of land, located in an arid desert, was ideal for agriculture and home to a great civilization. The Sumerians made supreme advancements in the use of language, writing, mathematics, architecture, astronomy, irrigation, and property ownership.

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