Dogoda (Polish)


Request Dogoda’s help to neutralize highly charged situations.

Much of what was previously known about Old Slavic religious practices (pre-966 AD) came to us in bits and scraps via the early writings of the Roman, Greeks, and Arabs. From these old documents, together with current research and the Internet, it is possible to piece together the significance of these legends, songs, proverbs, and exorcism practices.[i]

To ensure their survival, it was common practice among Old Slavic shamans to offer sacrifices to the harsh nature spirits. One practice produced thick clouds of smoke to drive off evil weather spirits, and there were rituals performed in honor of the Big Dipper to mark changes in seasons. [ii] While Dogoda was not considered a major god in these shamans’ history books, he was the only directional wind they anthropomorphized, expressing the qualities of love and compassion. His appearance ensured that the corn would grow and the mating season was in full bloom.

When the predicated belief of the people is that everything in the world is infused with God, and God infuses everything with God’s own unique spirit, it makes sense that the countryside of Poland is dotted with sacred landmarks. The Polanies pray at Crossroad shrines, holy wells, the wooden groves at the base of giant boulders, and at cairns for direct contact with the divine. The Slavonic tribes of the field worshipped Mother Earth, Matka Syra Ziemia. Trees, rocks, and animals were considered older than mankind, far wiser, and were consulted for aid and advice.[iii]

While Dogoda blows in from the island of Buyan as a gentle wind god of compassion, you may be requested to explore the concept duality in your life; everything that is not of love may need to go.

Exploring the Summer Solstice with the South Wind

The arrival of Dogoda in the south signifies that this is the time for a moral victory over your emotions. Dispel whatever is ugly; lighten up, laugh, and enjoy yourself. Repressed emotions may be triggered by an unexpected loss, recognition, achievement, or illness. With Dogoda’s assistance, you need not suffer needlessly. You can experience compassion for yourself and others whilst moving toward a satisfactory resolution.

Do not become a martyr to your pain. You do not have to fight to stand your ground. Dogoda can help you loosen your grip on current survival strategies that no longer work. Dogoda may cast a spell of heartbreak to expedite the healing of old wounds and enable you to soar like an eagle.

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