Does Your Life Feel Stalled?

How to Race Towards Your Most Cherished Goals

In Order to Get Where You Want to Go in Life You Must Be Able To:

  • Determine the direction you want to take and set accurate coordinates.
  • Track your position constantly.
  • Correct your course when necessary to make sure you arrive at your destination safe and sound.


Dear Friend,

If you’re busy, stressed and stretched thin I know how easy it can be to feel like you’ve lost all direction in life. I’d like to help.

I’ve created a 5-week program called “Align to Your Awakening Compass” that utilizes my New Awakening Compass as a Structured Model for Success. The Awakening Compass is based on ancient technology that has been revised and updated for modern day travelers. The Awakening Compass, along with Windwork(tm), are simple, yet powerful tools that provide wisdom and guidance to help you reach your goals.

Experience for Yourself What this Program is About

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Align to Your Awakening Compass

And Make 2015 Your Best Year EVER!


Once you master the principles revealed in the “Align to Your Awakening Compass” Program you’ll have the tools you need to guide yourself to greater levels of happiness and success!


Here’s What To Expect When You Join Me In

the “Align to Your Awakening Compass” 5-Week Program


Week One – “Discover Your Magnetic North” You will discover your Magnetic North, the center of the compass empowering your life. You will explore and develop your Creativity Dynamic as you begin working on your Life Map. You’ll become more aware of the various forms of energy that you bring to every project and relationship in your life.


Week Two – “The Secret to Setting Clearly Defined Goals” Everything originates from an idea. Having well formed questions and ideas are crucial to success. During week two you will examine your mental constructs. Our intention will be to clear any past memories or beliefs that have impeded you in the past. By the end of week two you will have a clearly defined goal.


Week Three: Once your needs are fulfilled, you’ll be able to manifest your ideas tenfold. During week three you will reveal limiting emotional patterns that are preventing you from experiencing your full creative potential. The success of a project or any worthwhile endeavour requires that the original mental construction of the idea operates from a position of co-creation rather than need deprivation. Using the WindWork(tm), we will move beyond old, worn out emotional patterns. You’ll learn techniques designed to reinforce your emotional intelligence so that you can properly align your goals.


Week Four: This week is a call for celebration. You have planted new seeds and are learning how to nurturing your tender goals. During week four we will weed the garden of obstructions and limitations remove standing in the way of your success.


Week Five: An old shaman once said, “If it does not grow corn, it has no point.” Until now we have viewed your projection in terms of how you are mentally and emotionally prepared to achieve your goals. In order for you to succeed, your plan must meet the North Wind. Can it survive a harsh winter? During this week you will prepare the seeds from this years harvest for next years spiritual journey.

How It Works


Each weekly session of “Align to Your Awakening Compass” is designed to build upon the last one. This ensures you enjoy a well-rounded, holistic experience.


Here’s how it works:

  • The format includes teaching, group sharing, brainstorming and individual attention.
  • You will use this time to implement a single, well articulated Goal.
  • During our time together you will create a navigational Life Map.
  • Together, we will neutralize self-limiting blocks and focus on strengthening your Assets and Positive Traits.
  • It is highly recommended that you schedule plenty of time for the classes. Calls will be recorded.

What Others Are Saying

“I am grateful for this class. I can see it being a one year coaching program. Even a certification for a journey across the compass. I would love to continue working with Renee and the group. Thank you!” – Dr Liliana Surname, Somewhere USA

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100% Satisfaction Personal Promise


I truly believe you’re going to adore this program. This is my life’s work and I’ve poured my heart, soul, passion and energy into creating a program that will help you gain the clarity you crave today and for the rest of your life.

And I want to make sure you can enroll today without a single doubt in your mind. So here’s my personal promise to you …

Enroll in “Align to Your Awakening Compass” today. Attend the first class on Tuesday, October 21 th, 2014. Discover your Magnetic North. Let’s work together on creating your Life Map. If at the end of the class you decide your investment wasn’t worth it, simply let me know and I’ll refund every penny of your enrollment fee. No questions and we’ll part as friends.

I’m asking you to take a big step joining me in this program and I want to make sure you are 100% satisfied. You risk absolutely nothing. Enroll today!

Hurry! The Program Starts Tuesday, October 14th!

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