Today, I have the great pleasure of being the host on Day 13 of Clifton Virtual Blog Tour. Clifton’s book Fascinomasis celebrating its launch from February 17th to March 3rd, 2014.

CliftonClifton K. Meador, MD has a gift for filtering through tales and ‘can you beat this one’ stories that are passed around doctors’ lounges and operating rooms and coming up with succinct but extremely entertaining stories. A ‘fascinoma’, as Meador defines, is medical slang for an unusually interesting medical case. He has gleaned and collected and curated 35 such cases from his own experience and the experiences of colleagues who have given permission to re-tell their own blockbusters. Each case is reads like a short story – the presentation of a strange set of symptoms, the initial response of the examining doctor(s), gradual revelation of further symptoms (sometimes via revealed secrets from the presenting patient), and the final diagnosis. Clifton’s mantra is: “There is not a medical diagnosis or a defined disease behind every chronic symptom; but there is a demonstrable cause if you listen and search carefully.”

Yesterday Clifton visited Erica Tucci’s Radiant Survivor blog at where she asked how we could minimize the chance of inducing illness in our lives.

Today I ask Clifton about how near death and death may occur from Hex and Voodoo, and the importance of listening to our bodies.I hope you enjoy it!



RENEE:  How can we learn to listen to our bodies to avert illness?

CLIFTON: That is a broad question. It might help to divide illnesses into those that can be averted by paying attention to our bodies from those that cannot.  I am assuming one pays attention to diet, exercise, sleep, etc., and has good health practices. Even then diseases such as cancer, heart disease and others will occur and require medical or surgical treatment.

Then there are those illnesses with chronic and recurring symptoms that defy medical diagnostic studies – in other words, symptoms of unknown origin. It is this category I am most familiar with. Here the patient needs to make observations about their daily life looking for correlations with their symptoms. Are they happy at work? Happy at home? It is more about listening and observing the life around them than just listening to their bodies. When one is aware of his or her body through regular quiet meditation then one will take corrective action sooner to uncover the cause for the symptom. Bringing the cause into full awareness is often curative in itself.


RENEE: How does a diagnosis affect possible chances of a ‘cure’ and how what can we do to discover the underlying causes of our own illness?

CLIFTON: Most diagnoses are good things. They identify the site and name of the disease and thus lead to a known medical or surgical treatment. In these situations the diagnosis leads to an accurate name and treatment of the illness.

It is when the diagnosis is in error or wrong that the problem arises. I am most familiar with patients who have chronic and recurring symptoms AND a diagnosis has been given that is too broad or in error. In this situation the “diagnosis” is inhibiting the patient from searching for the underlying causes of the symptom. (Even when the diagnosis is correct, the patient should look for correlations with the symptoms.) Most often the symptoms are arising from a toxic or stressful relationship at home or work OR arising from contact, or inhalation or ingestion of a toxic or irritating substance. Full awareness is essential and often curative.


RENEE: How does near death and death occur from Hex and Voodoo?

CLIFTON:  Dr. Walter Cannon of Harvard in the 1940s was fascinated by hex deaths. He spoke of it as “boning”. He had anthropologists around the globe collect cases of death by hexing (boning), where poisoning had been ruled out.  The cases where death occurred only from words from the witch doctor had 3 elements:

1.     The witch doctor had been known to cause death by hexing.

2.     The family, friends and the victim all believed that hexing alone could cause death.

3.     Following the hexing by the witch doctor, every one known to the victim – friends, family, everyone- withdraws from all contact with the victim. He is left utterly alone to die.

When these conditions existed, death occurred in 1 to 3 days in reported cases. The victim and family must believe death will occur if hexed by a known witch doctor or priest. 


FascinomasI hope you enjoyed this brief interview with Dr. Clifton Meador Fascinomas – fascinating medical mysteries is Clifton’s 13th book on medical matters. The response to True Medical Detective Stories led him to collect and write the 35 cases in Fascinomas. In Fascinomas, all of the clinical facts are completely true – the story of the illness, all lab work, all imaging studies, and the physical exam findings. If you are intrigued by the curative power of listening and engaging the patient and the family in searching for clues, especially when the symptoms are chronic and recurring – pick up Fascinomas. You can find the book on Amazon at:

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Be sure to follow Clifton tomorrow when the next stop on his Virtual Blog Tour is Michelle Barr’s ‘The Art of Taking Action’ blog at, where she’ll be asking Clifton about mental, emotional and spiritual triggers that can cause symptoms in the body.

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