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Spark Your Creativity

September 19, 2020.  8 am – 3 pm (PDT)

Using the power of the Equinox, we will combine practical tools with wind alchemy to create form from inspiration. Wind Alchemy is ancient wisdom relevant to today’s ever-changing landscape. Understanding your personal dynamic of creation can help you navigate life, wide-awake using your internal intuitive guidance system and wind magic.

This powerful, 7-hour retreat includes:

  • Ancient Wisdom Teaching Video, Personal Reflection, and Time in Nature.

  • Creativity Inventory: Learn what creations have inspired you and which inventions have sucked you dry?
  • Learn about the 5-Dynamic Winds of Creativity.

  • Find your magical spark with a  Soul Retrieval for your Creativity.
  • In-depth Wind Work® Processes to identify your primary methods of Creation.

  • Explore the power of Nature and Creation.

  • Channeling the powerful Wind Spirit Energy to move Forward across this time/space threshold.

  • 30-minute networking break to meet the community.
  • Small group break-out sessions for sharing.

There will be 3 assistants, each well-versed in transformational practices and guidance.

And I’m incredibly grateful for and am reminded how important retreat is. Thank you for helping me remember. Today was epic and necessary and inspiring. You created and led a wonderful experience. Erika

Renee, you did such a great job of helping us feel like we were NOT in a virtual event, but with you in person. Participant of Wind Knot Retreat

This was a great workshop. I hope you will do more like these. 

Sandra Ingerman

Learn about Wind Alchemy

Turn Inspiration into Form

This is a practical course to learn about your own Wind Dynamics of Creativity. We generally lean into one or more wind Dynamics for ALL our creations. This includes relationships, business, physical changes, and our spiritual practice.

The 5 Wind Dynamics we will explore with nature-based, practical exercises are Chaos, Process Order, Gestation, Partnership with Nature, and Oppositional Forces.
Work with the strength and shadow for each Dynamic Wind.

When you learn to cooperate with other wind patterns for our creations, you can create form from inspiration, 100% of the time. Using nature-based exercises, and small group sharing, you will uncover our primary Dynamics. Plus, you will experience other wind patterns to see if they are better suited to bring more joy and success into your life.

What others are saying about these Nature informed virtual classes.  “I DID IT”.
I am so grateful for you and your work. …..there has been a good explosion of energy in my life and I have you to thank for it. I love this wind work.” Judy

We begin our day by Laughing Together!



YOUR Creativity GUIDES

What are the Dynamic Winds of Creativity?

They are the Winds of Inspiration, the alchemist’s tool for creating form from energy.  Learn about your primary style.

A Hybrid Journey is a Virtual Retreat experienced in the comfort of your own home. The multi-experiential day includes wisdom teaching by Renee; personal time a nature quest; and small group processes. This is an ideal way to stay connected to our wind clan via energy telepathy. All of our Hybrid Journeys, are designed to keep you engaged during the process of your nature informed transformation.


Dynamics of Creativity Chart


Renee Baribeau:

Renee Baribeau Book Signing Hay HouseRenee Baribeau, The Practical Shaman, is a Wind Whistler, and Award-Winning Hay House Author. Renee is the “go-to” Soul Coach for innovative change-makers and dynamic spiritual keynote speaker. She injects humor and practical wisdom into her dynamic, inspirational Wind Work® workshops. Renee helps individuals at a point of transformation in their lives. She helps them find their enlightened way of life and guides them towards their true purpose through the wind’s knowledge.

What an absolutely amazing experience for me to signal the beginning of a new journey in my life that had been on hold since 1988! Good thing for those anchors! Today generated so much wind power I’m ready to blow over or ride the wind and glide into community and communion. Thanks to all who continue to answer the call of the winds. What a powerful and fun and caring clan!🙏🙏🙏❤️🌬🌬

Mary Beth

Team Support

Brigid Hopkins – Author, Clarity Coach, Ecotherapy Guide

Brigid co-founder of the Miloh Foundation, faculty at Lake Erie Institute, and an embodied woman of the elements. Brigid has been assisting Renee with Deepening Sessions using Wind Work for over 2 years.

Terry Morgan – Author, Clarity Coach, Ecotherapy Guide

Terry Morgan, Astrologer and Shamanic Practitioner, Teacher and Mentor, and Director of the Center For Elemental Connections, located in Brunswick, Maine

Kerry Wanamaker – Hospice RN, Reiki Master,  Yoga & Healing Arts Practitioner, SoulCollage®️ Facilitator

Kerry leads classes and programs for those who want to create more presence and connection in their daily life… open to the calm and clarity within…learn how to energize their intentions and awaken connection to spirit.

Sadie Whitley

Heart-centered life coach and metaphysical ordained minister, spiritualist and a shaman priestess that works with mostly women to find their joy after grief.  As a life coach, Sadie works with women that are ready to begin a new life to joyfully seek new opportunities after a divorce, abuse, the loss of a loved one or the loss of a job.


How we Create Together. This video is from a planning Session.

Nautilus Award

In Winds of Spirit: Ancient Wisdom Tools for Navigating Relationships, Health, and the Divine, Hay House Author Renee Baribeau uncovers 32 ancient Wind Gods and Goddesses who have been silent for thousands of years. She claims they are here to assist us as we navigate the choppy waters ahead. Our work is to “wake up,” stay present, and come together as one heart – to live in balance upon the Earth, as the wind travels around the entire globe in a few short days.



Do you find it hard to commit these days? I learned that for me, One Day is the perfect solution. This is a ceremony and DAY LONG RETREAT for innovative change-makers.  Renee will introduce you to Wind Work® and teach you how to align to magnetic North and set your dreams and aspirations to Nature’s rhythmic cycle. We are living in an unprecedented time, in a world with a Chaotic Spin. The Q’ero elders of Peru spoke of this time as a Pachakuti (upturning of the world), and the Hopi called it a koyaanisqatsi (world out of balance and in turmoil). The Anthropocene era is creating a clear and present danger to all life on Earth. Even the Winds are speaking out.

Don Manuel Quispe
Steady in the wind

Upcoming Hybrid Journeys

Wind Dreaming

Wind Work® Basics

Wind Alchemy: 10 month Mentorship Program






Divine Wind Mother

“The wind is my sign. I will come in the wind…” (February 15, 1984)

Divine Mother Sighting in Medjugorje 


This class and work has truly been life changing!!!!

I can’t tell you how very very grateful that I am to you and your work with the winds!! All the pieces you offered have been mind blowing and powerful!!! Blessings to you ! I am honored and so humbled.

Wind Dynamics of Creativity

Spark Your Creativity with a 7-hour virtual nature informed retreat on September 19, 2020, with Hay House Author Renee Baribeau and the Wind Clan.

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