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A Wind Mastery Program

Designed to Help You Build Your Own Empowered Communities. For Teachers, Healers, Ceremonialist, and Soulprenuers.

Ancient Wisdom Teaching

The Winds of Spirit are ready to help you soar. Each month Renee will share ancient wind wisdom that will guide you and strengthen your vision and inner resolve. Learn to Navigate Change.

Templates & Worksheets

Over the years, Renee has gathered tips and powerful tools. Technology is her friend. As a community elder, she is willing to share what she knows to help you grow.


Subscribers can join our Online Directory. This is a great place to showcase your business services. There is SEO power in Numbers. Grow your  Community with Us

Guest Experts

Each Month we will have a guest presenter who will share timeless wisdom for both business and personal growth. Topics include: How to build a Class, Marketing a Small Business,  Networking, Website Basics, Social Media, Using Technology to Deliver Your Message, Building Your Tribe, and Creating Ceremonies.

Mentoring Support

Renee will have weekly office hours on the FB Private Group. Other Wind Keepers in the group will also support you in the process of building your community. Renee is available for one-to-one coaching for an additional fee.

Teaching Opportunities

This program is a viable platform to test your ideas. There will be opportunities to share your gifts with the group. You will receive recordings that you can use to build your community.


The magic of this program is that we combine ancient wisdom practices with modern day tools and technology. Enjoy Monthly Self Mastery Ceremonies for Growth and Healing.


Alchemy happens when two or more are gathered, there is love, and something different is formed. Unami is the other taste sensation perceived by an attentive tongue. This group will provide savory, unexpected results.

Empowered Community

Whether you want to feel more connected to one other person or build a Clan, this is the place for self-mastery in order for you to Thrive and Create a Connected Group that nourishes and supports your Vision and Lifestyle. Our mission is to encourage self mastery through connection and community.

Learn by Doing

Practice is key to feeling confident and gathering and storing wind power.

One time a Mapuchi Grandmother told me that I would “only heal” and grow into my “destiny” by working with other people and I had to stop waiting until I thought I knew enough. We need to stretch in order to Grow. For 10 years I practiced my teaching and healing skills in order to become a master of space and time. Sure I made some mistakes along the way, yet this is how I grew. This program allows you to test out your ideas, theories, and teaching style if you want. Not everyone aspires to teaching, and will receive joy in supporting others. This program is designed to be a container for you right now, wherever you are at.


Build your Network

Relationships are Key If you want to Grow a Business

The internet has given us world wide access, and yet people are more isolated and separated than ever. Learn to build a local clan using Social Media, PR, and Advertising.

In 2004 Renee built and launched the Desert Holistic Network, a Consortium of Healers and Holistic Practitioners. Even though there were over 125 paying members, there was one key component missing; people were not willing to do their personal work and put in the time needed to grow a thriving community. Now is the time, and together we will build a stronger network for change and opportunity for real community.

Achieve your goals

Accountability Groups Help You Stay On Track

Each time in my career that I needed to grow and expand, I joined a Mastermind Program. What makes this program different is that it is wind powered.  This program combines wind mastery self growth processes with practical tools to help overcome blockages and move forward. We will keep each other moving forward.

The Wind Work® is a practical, applicable, navigational tool designed to provide guidance, focus, and direction in your life, no matter which way the wind is blowing. This work is about meditating on the energy of something powerfully and physically REAL (the wind) and engaging its natural force to create incredible change, clarity, and contentment in your life.

Let’s be clear: This isn’t the same old stuff you’ve practiced in the past. This isn’t meaningless mantras, white-knuckling growth, or making a vision board and then sitting back and waiting.

 I will teach you specific techniques designed to unblock resistance, move through your struggles, and truly harvest bounty in your spiritual journey. Now is the time for pulling the weeds, creating the space for amazing things to grow, and learning how to follow the mystical movement of the winds of change in your life.

The Way Shower

Renee Baribeau, is The Practical Shaman, a Wind Whistler, and Hay House Author of Winds of Spirit. Renee is the “go-to” Soul Coach for innovative change-makers and dynamic spiritual keynote speaker. She injects humor and practical wisdom into her dynamic, inspirational Wind Work® workshops. Renee helps individuals at a point of transformation in their lives. She helps them find their enlightened way of life and guides them towards their true purpose through the wind’s knowledge.

Learn why Renee, is uniquely qualified to guide this program.  Check out her Hay House Book, Winds of Spirit: Ancient Wisdom Tools for Navigating Relationships, Health and the Divine.


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In one year my income doubled.


“Renee opened a door for me. I walked through and experienced a different reality that I didn’t know existed.” -Adie

“Anyone who may be feeling stuck, lost, confused or frustrated would benefit from this class.  There is no wisdom greater than personal insight.  Renee’s class helps every person find their own compass bearings.  It’s basically a class in learning to sail your own boat. Gotta love that.” -Lisa L

“As a writer, I well know the frustration that comes with creative blocks. Working with Renee and the winds gives me the tools I need to clear the blocks. Renee is a gifted shaman and this work is truly amazing.”  – Barbara, Author

“Renee has one of those unique abilities to see people for who they are, warts and all, while also helping them achieve their maximum potential and be their best possible selves. She’s instructive without being critical, and I am a better person, fortunate enough to be the beneficiary of her incredible guidance.” – Daniel Wiedenfeld, Producer of The Pound Hole



Who is this program for?

  • You are ready to step into your Authority
  • You have a willingness to take a leap of faith.
  • You are ready to Listen to the wind to discover your soul’s purpose.
  • You are ready to learn how to fly in strong winds and course correct as needed.
  • You have time and resources to invest in your life’s calling.


How does it work?

This program  works on all levels of your life: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Through the monthly energy process, you are brought back into alignment with your Awakening Compass in order to do your Work of Service, whatever that might be.

What if I do not want to have a business?

Not everyone wants their own business. But we are all in Business to make this world a sustainable place to live for future generations. Through self-mastery we learn to show up ready to serve no matter how we are amusing ourselves in the outer world. Everyone is welcome to Align to their Inner Awakening Compass.

What is Wind Work®?

When I discovered Wind Work®, it was like every world of possibility opened up to me–because I learned how to truly SEE, LISTEN, and ACT in a way that was in complete complete congruence with the nature of those worlds. I wasn’t fighting my path anymore! I began to actively flow with the mystical power of the wind to carry me on to those bigger dreams.

How much time will it take?

If the planet is 4 billion years old, time is irrelevant. Some people get aligned in a few months, and others take a few years. The journey is far more important than the destination. I would recommend planning to stay with us for a complete cycle of 12 winds.

Do I have to be a Teacher?

This is not a one size fits all program. We meet you at your present station in life. We help you pull the weeds of limited thinking and preordained outcomes, creating the space for amazing things to grow, and learning how to follow the mystical movement of the winds of change in your life. We are all teachers with our own unique platforms.


What will I learn?

These programs will teach you how to work with the power of the wind to finish your year strong, start the next project with purpose, and guide your steps for the rest of your life. No mantras, no magic teas, no empty promises: Wind Work® is a system of concrete and practical tools to help you tap into your inner guidance and create a community that grows and prospers.

What makes a life calling-

and how do we find it?

In my life I’ve been a restaurateur, entrepreneur, struggling writer, out-of-work chef, visionary, entrepreneur, vlogger, and best-selling Hay House author. I’ve lived everywhere from the slums of NYC, to owning my dream cabin on the Saratoga Passage. I completed a BA in Communication and Philosophy from the University of Southern Maine, attended cooking school at The New York Restaurant School in Manhattan, and have spent hours researching the practical aspects of changing your life—but it wasn’t until I found and began to work with the age-old healing power of the wind.
Through the ups and down of life I’ve learned that true freedom is not plotting a perfectly smooth course (there is no such thing), but tuning into the age-old wisdom of the wind to find your true North to guide you.
As a Wind Whistler, healer, motivational speaker, soul-coach, writer, and truth-teller, my calling is to communicate the power of Wind Work® practically to help others understand their place and purpose in the universe, and to identify, invoke, pursue, or create more favorable conditions to improve their lives. Wind Work® is designed to help you get the answers you need, by working with divine forces of nature––namely, the wind.

Choose a Plan that Works for You

We are here for you as your business grows. Your investment should be paid for by an increase in your Tribe.

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