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You have Access to Resources that can help you to build your Tribe.  Class in the White Boxes are Free to Wind Clan Member level or Above. Orange Boxed Classes require a Paid Subscription. Many course are available at our Store.

30-day Gratitude Challenge

30-days of Gratitude Prompts to get You Going with a Fair Wind. This is a self-paced course, if embraced is guaranteed to add more joy in your life.

30 inspired email prompts

Plant Heartier Seeds for Personal Success

One-hour Class. Remove Limited Beliefs with this step-by-step process

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Renew Your Energy

Five Wind Work® Practices great practices to Renew and Restore your Energy.

5  Modules

21-Day Journal Challenge

Take the 21-day Group Supported Journal Challenge. Begin Here.

21-Day of Journal Challenge


Finding Your Authentic Business Brand

This is a course from for Soulprenuers. Five modules to help you discover your energetically-aligned brand. This workshop was taught with Suzanne Fageol.


5 Modules and Worksheets

Vision Board Tool Kit

Making a Vision Board is a simple process. Remember, simple does not necessarily mean easy. You supply the enthusiasm and magazines. Let’s have some fun.


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Clearing Resistance To Change

A 7 Day Process for Learning to Work with the Wind Spirit Cards®. Sample Cards are provided for this Work.

1 Worksheet with Video

Insiders Guide To Peru

For the Explorer in You.


7 Modules

Building Authentic Business Relationships

This is a course for Soulprenuers. Coming Soon

FREE to Wind Clan Members

7 Modules

Boxing Your Compass

This work is best completed over a five (or longer) period of time. This way you can really begin to understand the subtle differences of your cycles.

5 Modules

Whistle Up a Wind for Personal Healing

Registered Participants Only, or Paid Membership.

2 Hour Workshop to help identify, and clear a block. Move forward with ease. 

Wind Knot Deepening Experience

Approximately 6 hours. Presented in a 1-day Retreat.
Learn to Make Your Strand of Cardinal Wind Knots
Registered Participants Only, or full Membership

Wind Work Basics Spring

Registered Participants Only

Wind Work Basics 1

4 Life Affirming Modules to Help you Navigate the Winds of Change

Learn to Fly 2020

Paid Membership only
Begin Here to Expand Your Business in 2020

Learn to Fly 2019

Check back often for updates

Paid Membership only.

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Choose a Plan that Works for You

We are here for you as your business grows. Your investment should be paid for by an increase in your Tribe. Many Classes are available at our Store

Purification Journey

An energy refreshment exercise

Summer Campfire at sunset

An email is on it's way with detailed instructions

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