Meditation to help you navigate the day, no matter what winds are blowing.

To Begin

Download these sample Winds Spirit Cards designed for this 7-day exercise.

Cut out the individual Wind Gods/Goddesses from the printed list. Place them into a special bowl or pouch for easy access during this process. Note. If you have a deck of Wind Spirit Cards, feel free to use your own.

Get Ready. You have invited the Wind Spirits  into a process of consciously cooperating with you. These divine, emanating forces wind gods and goddesses are ancient forces of nature. Work with them to help you successful navigate change as you move through life.

You may want to order a copy of Winds of Spirit to get deeper insight about each energy.

Over the Next 7-days observe what Wind Spirits come to you in your life. If it gets to Windy, please take a few days in between. Note your resistances to: the process; the wind spirits; and everything else that appears.

Use the video instructions below to help remove these blocks.

Clearing Resistances

Directions for Clearing Resistance Process. 

Watch this 15-minute video and see how the Clearing Resistance Process works.

Are you a Wind Believer?

Get feedback and develop a better understanding of your experience by joining our Facebook Wind Clan support group.

Thank you in advance for helping to restore an ancient healing art that will bring balance into your life and the world at large.

Order your personal, hand-crafted one-of-a-kind, Wind Whistle and Wind of Spirit Cards® by clicking the link below.

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Wind Spirit Cards for Daily Inspiration

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