Veja Mate Nourishment

Invoke the Wind Mother when you need comfort and divine intervention. The theme of self nourishment has appeared a number of times this year. Vēja Māte is the Wind Spirit I pulled from the Wind Sack for the collective mood for the Spring Equinox. While they are not...

Thate Messenger Listen with Your Heart

Tȟaté (Lakota Sioux): Messenger––Listen with Your Heart This week’s Wind of Spirit arrives from the East, the place of the rising sun and new beginnings. Each week, I pull a card for the collective community. Within a day of pulling the Winds of Spirit Card, the...
Yeongdeung Halmang: Respect and Balance

Yeongdeung Halmang: Respect and Balance

Korean Muism: Yeongdeung Halmang: Respect and Balance This week Winds of Spirit pull is Yeongdeung Halmang, from the ancient history of Korea. A giant grandmother goddess who embodies the omnipresent Mt. Halle on Jesu island…watching over the mysterious land of...
Happy First Birthday

Happy First Birthday

What a year it has been! It’s hard to believe that 1 year ago, Winds of Spirit was hitting the shelves of bookstores around the country. It has been a labor of love and devotion that brought this book to fruition. I have learned so much throughout this entire...
12-12-12 Ceremony





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