Celebrating  Resurrection for Easter

Celebrating Resurrection for Easter

Repulbished4/4/2021 On Easter, I celebrate 26 years of being free from the suffocating grip of alcohol. (In Alcoholics Anonymous where I began the search for sobriety they call this your birthday). As a Shaman, I realize that there are living spirits who derive...

Ilmarinen Finnish Inventor

This week, the Weekly Wind Spirit Card is Ilmarinen, the Finnish Wind God of Inventions. He reminds us to ask: what can I pull from the flames of creation?  Ilmarinen is a supreme Finnish Wind Deity of divine origin who created the sky and conjures up magic from the...
Eurus the East Wind

Eurus the East Wind

The East (The Mind, New Beginnings) In many Native American cultures, the East is associated with the majestic eagle, a symbol of a powerful force residing within us: vision. With it’s acute eyesight, an eagle can spot a rabbit in a field a mile below....

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