Kari ~ Malaysian Wind God of Expression
Call upon Kari for support, and to give voice to your thoughts and feelings. This week Kari arrives as a rebellious stormy south wind.

This week I am going to Los Angeles to participate in a march. I AM CALLED to attend this political rally, and up until now, I was unsure regarding my personal mission and vision for this event. This morning, while working with a client, we pulled a wind from the Winds of Spirit deck, and Kari appeared to help us with these turbulent winds of change.

I am going to stand with my sisters and brothers for Human Rights, because:

The Wind God Kari made a long trek from the lowlands of Malaysia across the barren straits into Scandinavia. This was a cold, treacherous, and challenging journey. We are now facing a collective crossroad in our lives. Do we stand silently by and watch, taking the chance that our hard earned human rights will be stripped away, or do we come together and give voice and expression to our concerns? 
I am choosing to stand up and be counted. I am going to show my support for the Women’s March on Washington. A rainbow will following the storm.
The Winds of Spirit are here to assist during Change.  Here is an exercise to help you prepare the earth and hear our Collective Voice.

Five Minute Meditation

To Evoke the Winds of Perfect Expressions

Call to Kari three times, while asking how you can be of service to these challenging times of change. I did this twice. The first time through was to get an overview of the landscape; the second time through I asked, “how to be of service.” Both visions offered insight, still the second meditation proved to be a game changer.


Art: Ravenkaldera

Kari arrives as a thunderous wind, a reminder of how the power of language connects you to everything that came before, and all that will follow. Like the wind that makes music when it rustles through the leaves of a tree, our breath creates music when it is forced through the reed of a clarinet, or across the opening of our lips as we speak. This kind of friction relates to the energy of Kari, which teaches us to create something beautiful from life through verbal expression.


Although you may feel frantic when Kari blows in from the southern quadrant, it is important to remain emotionally centered, calm, and balanced. Emotions may be raw, leaving you feeling exposed, covered only by a bark cloth. Take daily walks in nature, exercise, and seek wise counsel. If you surrender to the energy and wise counsel of Kari, you will learn how to “go with the flow” and adapt to change. Savor the sweetness of the ripe, low-hanging fruit of the jungle.

Be mindful of the words you speak when conflicting emotions run high. Words can be like bows with poisoned arrows that leave indelible scars and permanently damage relationships.

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