Bieg-Olmai (Lapp/Samek)

Signs Watch for synchronicity

Today lets  focus our attention on the winds of synchronicity for peace and happiness. The universe seeks balance. We must tip the scales in favor of a kind and loving humanity. Hopefully the threats to our environmental protection laws, will push people towards the forest.

When Bieg-Olmai uses his shovel to release the wind from below the snow, it is time to deepen and enhance your relationship with magic, the natural rhythms of your own life, the soul of your surroundings, and the cycles of nature. Call on Bieg-Olmai when you need quiet, want to harmonize your surroundings, and if your metaphoric boat is about to capsize at sea. Invite Bieg-Olmai when you are unable to properly interpret the signs of change.

This week’s Winds of Spirit comes from the West, the place of the harvest, and physical endings. My hope for humanity is that we become warriors of light, and that the seeds planted by all the forerunners of the awakening movement begin to grow. As the saying in the 60’s proclaimed, “War is not healthy for all Living things.”

I want to spread the winds of happiness and joy. Social media makes this a daunting task. Today I look the other way and gravitate toward Mother nature who beckons all of us.

The tree of Duality by Ivan Radev


The Sami (Noaidi shaman) believed that people have two souls, an animated soul and a “free soul.” Using a specialized drum to help them gain access to other realms through trance states, shamans tapped into the free soul for ethereal travel, which allowed them to communicate with invisible spirits. The Noaids were the intermediaries of the gods, usually called upon during periods of famine, sickness, or while hunting. Access your inner shaman by entering a trance through meditation, dance, or by drumming. Ask the spirits to help you harmonize with the elements in your surroundings.

Are you feeling wind-slapped? The Sami were necromancers who used their skill to harness the wind into knots for sailors.  Adjust your wind knots. Bieg-Olmai might blow in as a harsh wind or an early frost if you’re not paying close attention to your family and community. A home was one room, with a central kitchen where friends and family gathered to share food, drum, and sing. Open your heart; call upon the local winds to remove any negativity or blockages from your home or office, and bring harmony into your personal relationships. Spending time with children will help you remember and appreciate the importance of storytelling, and the value of simplicity.

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