The Wind Spirits have advised me to put my attention to the Fire this Winter Solstice.  It was suggested that this might be one of the darkest winters we have faced collectively in the past 100 plus years or more. The community has been divided by hatred and greed. We have forgotten that we all Breathe and Share the Same Wind. No matter who you believe is right, or just, you are welcome to join us at the fire. WE MUST REMEMBER OUR CONNECTED HUMANITY.   When we fight with our neighbors, we are at war with ourselves.

These Holy Days, be part of something bigger and feel more deeply connected. Join us at the Fire. We will open up sacred space on 12/20 at 3pm (PST), 6 PM (EST), and we keep a light burning til 1/2/21. There will be FB Lives and Recorded wisdom shares.


Are you ready for a transformational adventure that you can experience right from your own home? If so, we would be honored to have you as an official FIRE TENDER who will keep a flame or light burning during the I AM Winter Solstice online celebration. You will enjoy this important contribution to the community, and will derive a tremendous amount of satisfaction and growth from your participation. Even a simple candle will suffice! How easy is that?

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