The idea of shifting from a forceful masculine energy to a nurturing feminine perspectiveAwakening or Doomsday might be terrifying to many. How many of us truly enjoy submitting to power and authority?

According to indigenous wisdom keepers, the last 28,000-year cycle has been dominated by the masculine energy. Commonly accepted masculine traits include: strength, logic, hunter, ambition, intellectualism, and aggression. Traditionally the masculine has been the provider. In this model, assertiveness and self-sufficiency have been symbols of success.  Outwardly, this ideal manifested as large homes, multiples cars, larger corporations, ruthless takeovers and staunch capitalism. Inherent in this cosmology is selfishness, and a blatant disregard for every other living creature on our planet. This type of thinking is now being challenged.

December 2012 heralds the end of the Mayan Calendar, and this event has been interpreted in various fashions. Some indigenous peoples believe that it indicates a shift in polarity of the earth’s magnetic field, and this Pacha Kuti (according to Q’ero lore Pacha Earth, Kuti turn over) represents the emergence of a divine feminine energy. According to NASA the earth has experienced many shifts, the last one was 600,000 years ago. Survivalist and Doomsday are predicting major disasters, upheaval, and death. They flounder within this imagined darkness and try to draw others into their fear.

My indigenous teachers have suggested that this shift of consciousness could begin with a period of darkness. As the world seeks to right itself through realignment, it represents a return to the unknown darkness of the womb of the Sacred Mother. A mother is warm, compassionate, intuitive, and nurturing. Mothers don’t send their babies to war, and understand the value of the community to raise and protect their children. The feminine honors and shows the deepest respect for all life throughout the universe.

Change often comes gradually, much like the subtle rhythms of the earth’s magnetic field. Six years ago, a movie called “The Secret” was released. Many naysayers shook their heads in disbelief as pioneers promoted its divine message across the globe. Slowly but surely, many were inspired to a greater awakening, a shift in awareness, causing an increase in the earth’s spin and a delicate shift of it’s axis.


Humanity stands before doorway of the unknown. We are witnessing the birth of a child, whose disposition and personality will be discovered over time. There are several things that remain clear; Mother Earth has been abused, neglected and is weary. The recent deluge of tears shed over the East Coast catastrophe was a major cleansing. For several years our planet has pleaded for care and loving attention, like a baby whose diapers need to be changed. The time has arrived for a great awakening.

Like a newborn emerging from the womb, humanity has an opportunity to move in the light, a global shift into a greater awareness and responsibility. The Internet has emerged as a powerful medium, enabling us to share information and create a worldwide community. The era of corporate greed is drawing near.  During the past decade we have seen many businesses fail as a direct result of readily available information on the World Wide Web. No longer can the masses be misled by lies and deceit. We are now able to make informed, connected decisions and respond from our emotional selves, all traits of the feminine principle.

Do we stand at the precipice of doomsday? I say no; I believe that we are righting what no longer works. We are grieving the loss of our American Dream with tears of sorrow and joy. Our self worth is replacing our net worth. For some this looks like death and doomsday, but I believe that we are ushering a Sacred Shift. Every mother knows it takes a community to raise a child. The time to Awaken to our Divine Self has arrived.


Please join me, and thousands of others on Dec 21, 2012, at 11:11 am (PST) for a FREE Online World Wide Ceremony, as we herald the arrival of the Divine Feminine. This wonderful event will begin with a live, streaming fire/drumming ceremony from Palm Springs, CA. As you watch the flickering flames of love, 12 spiritual leaders representing many sacred traditions from around the world will offer a four-minute celebration prayer. Join us here.


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