Wayramama; Right Relationship

Wayramama(HuayraMama): Right Relationship Peruvian  Reciprocity This week, the Wind Spirit Cards are reminding us to be in right relationship to our emotions. Since it arrives from the South, you are put on notice that compassion for yourself and others is needed...
Fujin Purification––Exhale and Release

Fujin Purification––Exhale and Release

Fūjin (Kami-Shinatsuhiko-no-Mikoto) (Shinto) Wind God of Purification Request Fūjin, the “Prince of Long Breath,” to cleanse the air, provide stability, and nurture your personal growth. This week Fūjin arrives from the East to help clarify your thoughts and beliefs....

Yeongdeung Halmang: Respect and Balance

Korean Muism: Yeongdeung Halmang: Respect and Balance This week Winds of Spirit pull is Yeongdeung Halmang, from the ancient history of Korea. A giant grandmother goddess who embodies the omnipresent Mt. Halle on Jesu island…watching over the mysterious land of...
Cardea: Facilitate

Cardea: Facilitate

Cardea (K-DEI)• Roman Mother of the Winds • Facilitate Cardea has come to “open what is shut, to shut what is open In ancient times, when people were in awe of the world, and nature remained a mystery, superstitious Roman farmers had a God for every occasion, and...
12-12-12 Ceremony





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