Nature informed retreatsAlong with the grand cycle shift, my own 7-year cycle ended during this COVID threshold. Even with thorough preparation during the past three decades, these ending have proven to be a huge challenge.

My job expired, the whistle maker passed away due to coronavirus complications, and my life as I knew it, came to an abrupt halt. The freedoms I’ve taken for granted have been challenged, and at the core level of my knowingness, I know I must now tread on a new path through this dense forest of change.

For months, I made a spectator sport of watching my own misery take root in the decay of a job that no longer served my best interests. I was clinging to the vine while dangling over the precipice of uncertainty.  Now my work is done. Many years ago, my friend and curandero, Grandmother Maria Teresa Valenzuela, (new podcast video)  advised us to prepare for what was to come. She advised the members of our group to pay off their debts and learn to live a simpler life. This was the reason I initially took the job at Michael’s House. Even though I achieved my goals, wrote a book, and vanquished my debts, I clung tenaciously to my past.

Every healer I know also felt compelled to give this situation their full attention. Each time I thought, “This is difficult”, I heard the wind say, “These difficult challenges are what you have been preparing for; this not a time for fun and games. Every initiation, Deeksha, grounding, anchors, and prayers that I have learned were pulled out of the windbag, and yet, the bridge still wobbled as I crossed it. The wind messengers speak to all whose ears are open, and I am listening.

For months I writhed in pity and fear. Even though I knew my tenure was up at Michael’s House, I found it difficult to let go and move on.  When Gregorio, the Whistle Maker died, I realized all these endings were connected and contained in the birthing cycle of my book, ‘The Winds of Spirit.’ Seven years of evolving leadership allowed me to grow and hone my spiritual traits. The first boss “held the vision” with me, another, a brilliant clinician held the mirror to show me the depth of my healing. Next, a reasonable man inspired me to change. Atlas the CEO, shoved me out the door. Cardea is blowing, closing open doors, and opening closed doors this July.

I moved from resentment to appreciation and made a gratitude list. I spent an evening exploring all the gifts in my life, including friends, travel, public speaking exposure, an award-winning Hay House book, Winds of Spirit, Team ‘Practical Shaman’ on Facebook, and more.

Death and decay are inevitable, Only after disintegration can matter, thoughts and feelings be reborn. This is our cycle. Do you want to learn how to utilize the wisdom of the winds of spirit for personal growth and healing?

On August 15, 2020, you are invited to join me and others in a spiritual journey called, ‘How to Whistle a Wind for Personal Healing.’’ 


Nature informed Retreat

Purification Journey

An energy refreshment exercise

Summer Campfire at sunset

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