Riding on the back of the dry, dusty desert winds, the forest had been howling my name for the past five years. On every vision board a waterfront Writing Retreathouse set in the trees was the central theme. There were many reasons to ignore the burgeoning wind: the new business, no health insurance, intermittent cash flow, and twelve-hour days at the computer trying to launch my dreams. Finally dried out and withered by the barren landscape, I summoned the Santa Ana wind and requested a home in the NW to spend the summer. Within a week, the call was answered.

As dreams go, no sooner did I set course toward the island home, when the wind shifted and the plans heeled right. The business for the first time in seven years was successful; taxes were due. The air was sucked out from the sails. As I reconsidered the summer, an inner voice screamed, “Go, the money will come." Often when we head up to the wind, nature responds to the call first with full forward motion, followed by a side-wind that when adjusted will get the boat on course. As I realigned the details, everything shifted and the boat moved forward, including perfect renters for my home and a comfortable getaway with a view of the bay.

Soon, I will pack up and prepare to sail away, again, this time heading south to mystical Peru.

Are the winds of Peru calling your name? Next month, there is an opportunity to set your sail toward fulfilling your own prophecy. Flatten your sail, surrender the resistances and excuses of why not this trip and not now.

The winds of change are upon us; and it is time to set a course that is in alignment with your goals and dreams. You are needed to be the best you possible, and this trip is one way to align to your highest destiny.

The Sacred Valley is one of those magical places pure of heart which helps people shift in order to sail full on toward their dreams. Last year's tripSacred Valley Peru had a positive impact on every person who traveled south. One traveler, who debated going on the journey even after sitting in a meeting where a woman spoke up out of the blue, saying if anyone here has an opportunity to go to Peru, you should, is now leading this trip. Another couple got married, while the new bride's writing career has moved to new heights with a blog readership of over 60,000. Three others are writing books, and one tourist is now seeking a medicine bundle and has returned to Peru two more times.

Why Peru? There is magic in the mountains, an ancient innocence that allows people to explore their own authentic heart. The people are genuine and friendly; ever since my first trip over ten years ago, I am still known by my first name. Our world is in trauma and it is essential to heal ourselves individually to be of service to the collective. The shamans (Paqos) in the Southern Andes engage in rites of passage to develop their medicine bodies. During this journey, local shamans will initiate you into their traditions. In truth, the entire journey is an initiation into the energy of rebirth and the wisdom available from the human-earth bond. A few spots remain for this life-changing journey. Today go outside and stand in the breeze; is Peru in your wind?

This summer as the ship sailed north, everything aligned. What I did not know was that my soul was waiting in the forest for me. As I allowed the time to unfold, grace found me at concerts in the trees, walks along the cliffs and sea. The more I answered yes, the lighter I became and the clarity of the work ahead became clear. Letting the wind blow through my life has made space for a book to flow free. Ask yourself, is Peru on my vision board, and if so, raise the daggerboard and let your boat sail. 

Mountains, Mysteries, and Magic

Machu Picchu – Sacred Valley – Cusco

September 27 – October 5, 2012

More information: https://thepracticalshaman.com/travel/peru/

Renee Baribeau,  The Practical Shaman offers unique travel experiences that will shift your consciousness. Join fellow seekers as we travel with medicine people and elders to unspoiled communities in Peru, and Mexico. Our journeys are not your typical vacations, but expeditions where we immerse ourselves in the rich, colorful landscape and cultures of Mexico, the Andes, and Sacred Valley of Peru.

Magic, Mountains & Mysteries

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