When Amaunet arrives from the East, you can be sure she is here to stir up your beliefs, ideas and imagination. The East is the territory of the mind.

Amunet is Egyptian Goddess of the air and invisibility. Although she has shape-shifted over the course of several thousands years,  she is considered to be the feminine aspect of the Egyptian Creator God, Amun.

No matter what side of the power pyramid you are standing on this week, the winds of change are blowing strong. Cover your face with a scarf, because no one can predict what next week’s wind storm will conjure up. The Presidential  Inauguration is on the horizon, and Human Rights marches will be taking place across America.  Everyone has a unique perspective. Most are keeping their views silent, lest they get ridiculed. While some are joyfully embracing change, others will  be marching in the streets in protest. Something hidden will be revealed in the coming week.

Truth lies somewhere in the rocky earth, lodged between our steadfast ideas of right and wrong. This is not the time to hold onto old crystallized thoughts, and they are not to be used as battering rams. Be open to new and unexpected ideas.

Now is the time, to explore the deep wind caverns of your hidden thoughts and ideas. Consider this week’s mission as being your  time to delve deeply into  a new Pyramid.  Become your own anthropologist,  dedicated to putting the pieces back together one fragment at a time.  Leave no rock un-turned. Become a methodical collector of your own ideas, as you build a statue of truth you can live with.

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Obscured meanings arrive upon the words and breath of the morning wind. In the Old Kingdom, the word priest meant, she/he who “carries the papyrus roll; “ there were magical powers in the divine words.[i] Many hieroglyphs show women offering prayers and performing rituals. This may be the perfect time to begin a writing project and share your message with others.

If you are struggling, Amaunet can assist you. Consciously place your awareness on the essence of your breath and thoughts. Watch as words shift in and out of your mind. Do not look for meanings; the answers you seek lie waiting in the gaps between your thoughts.. Reflect on the wisdom of these spaces before making a decision or beginning a new project.

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[i] Jan Assmann and David Lorton, The Search for God in Ancient Egypt (United States: Cornell University Press, 2001).


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