Amaunet (Kemetic) Hidden

 Call to this Egyptian goddess to hold space for hidden wisdom and creative energy

The Winter Solstice is a time of darkness in the Northern Hemisphere. You are reminded to venture inward to the cave of hibernation. Discard the old harvest and plant new energy seeds for the coming spring. Below is a meditation exercise with the Wind Goddess Amaunet.

Amaunet, whose name implies hidden one, is a mysterious, primordial feminine wind deity. As the North African Queen of the Lower Nile, she represents the invisible, dual aspect of the creative process. The earliest indication of this Mother Goddess Wind dates back to the Old Kingdom in Egypt. Hieroglyphic shards dating back more than 3500 years, portray her wearing a red crown, with a winding serpent around her body, which is the Egyptian symbol of divine authority.

Women of the ruling class held immense power during the early days of Egypt. They held prominent government positions, owned land, kept slaves, testified in court, conducted business, and engaged in important ceremonies and rituals.[i] Inscription evidence shows that status was determined by class, not gender.

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Amaunet may arrive as a hawk to bring forth knowledge from the ancient mystery schools. She was called upon by new Kings to provide them with the esoteric wisdom needed to rule wisely. Arriving from the North, she is reminding you to set aside time and space to perform a ritual (symbolic act that will connect you to the divine): wind invocation; releasing ceremony; food offering to the Nature Gods. Amaunet was the wind that guided the magical boat.[i] Cosmic energies are at play when Amaunet arrives from the North. Focus your attention on this timeless wind that propels “itself without end or beginning.”[ii]

If you are feeling lost, call to Amaunet and ask her to help you find a quiet space. Always keep in mind that all things are connected through the breath of this wind Goddess.


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