A wind believer stands at the edge of a cliff, and despite all odds, jumps. Deep inside your core, you remember the wind. The wind has been an invisible force of consciousness since time immemorial. Om is the sound of creation becoming manifest. Humanity sank into a deep unconscious sleep that lasted for 10,000 years. This ancient wisdom resides deep inside every living being. With a few simple practices you can resurrect long forgotten aerodynamic wind tools, and learn how to navigate the ever-changing landscape of life.

By embracing the wisdom of the Wind you become firmly connected to your Inner Awakening Compass.[click_to_tweet tweet=”Humanity sank into a deep unconscious sleep that lasted for 10,000 years.” quote=”Humanity sank into a deep unconscious sleep that lasted for 10,000 years.”]

The powerful, subtle energy of the Wind Spirits help us cope with the trials and tribulations of daily life, allowing us to be of optimal service to others in this world without fear.

The community around you views you as “the lucky one!” Wind Believers often achieve great things. This is why you bathe in the comfort and safety of wind, and ask for the protection from the Wind Elementals every day.

Gratitude extends beyond the spiritual realm; Wind Clan members always remember their family, friends, animals, plants and community.  Members of the clan understand that the wind we breathe in, and out, is shared around the world. We are all one, and absolutely everything is connected through the wind.

Wind Believers know that Spirit will catch them when they jump. We can all learn to fly. Take a leap of faith, let the wind catch you

Introduction to Wind Work

Wind Spirit Cards for Daily Inspiration

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