Indigenous peoples in Peru call their traveling prayers altar Mesa’s. According to Webster’s online the literal Spanish translation is table from Latin mensa.


Atlas, we have arrived. We are now standing at the threshold of a great awakening, that has been foretold will usher in an evolutionary shift in consciousness.  The mysterious ending of the Mayan calendar in 2012 has held both promise and fear. The medicine people have prophesied these times as an upheaval and death of the   outmoded systems that no longer work including institutions, and ideas. Whenever we let go, often reluctantly, of jobs, distractions, homes, people, and ideas, we open up space for expansion and harmony.  In my life, the shedding has been going on for the past few years.  As I surrender my resistances to change, my tree grows new branches, and my life continues to get better beyond my wildest imagination.

Our soil has been prepared. We have been moving and dancing with these energies for the past few years.  Change is imminent and necessary in order to restore balance on the earth and to remember our true natures.

Are you ready for the shifts in time and space?  

Have you prepared your body, mind, spirit and home by simplifying your life? 

Are you “awake,” or are you distracted by television, cell phones, or Facebook and the like that preclude you from being present?

“Conscious” people are finding that their job descriptions are becoming clearer, and they are hitting their stride.   The time has come to live and fulfill YOUR true destiny.  I, for one, am walking down the middle of my path and so can you.  Others who have held onto outmoded structures and ideas in 2011 have struggled and tried to force change.  It’s all right to let go of material possessions, people, and ideals in order to move towards higher ground.  It’s how we handle these challenges that define us.

Where are you on the continuum?  Last year I launched a new program called Tools for Awakening. These are Simple tools based in ancient Wisdom which are relevant Now to the shifting Energy of 2012.  Please take some time to set your Table (Altar) for the coming year.

Simple Altar

Tool # 1: Simple — Build or Renew Your Altar

What is an Altar?   An altar is simply a place that you visit on a daily basis to open your heart for a dialogue with Spirit. This is no different than ringing the doorbell; letting someone know you have arrived and are ready for a visit. There are many types of altars including the ones you visit at your place of worship, but this is your personal place.  Your prayer can be as simple as “Thank You,” but it is time to acknowledge energy by creating your own altar which over time creates a vortex of healing energy. A few years ago, a woman in my Gratitude Class had no space of her own and placed her altar in a drawer.  Everyday she would go open her drawer and transact with Spirit. Within months she moved from her abusive situation. Prayer works!

Having your own personal altar gives you a dedicated place to build energy as you continue to revisit, meditate, and give thanks on a regular basis.  There are sacred sites around the world where pilgrims return regularly to add good wishes so the energy continues to build. Think of your altar as your temple. Begin with a simple altar or renew your current one, but here is an easy step you can take to prepare for the coming days. You will need a flat surface, and a few special objects that have meaning for you, maybe a picture of someone you worship, loved ones that need healing, and most of all your intention to use this place regularly to transact with source energy. If you travel a lot, you may wish to have an object that visits this altar but travels with you as well.

Tool #2: Wisdom — What have you learned this year?

As 2011 comes to a close, have you taken inventory of your life?  What did you learn from your achievements, successes, mishaps and shortcomings?  Make that list.  If time permits, look at the last 5 years, and even 10.  As this cycle comes to a close, what did you learn?  Time to turn our experiences into wisdom, literally and metaphorically. An example this year for me was about; self-care, building relationships, planting a garden, clarity, and focus; often these gifts came disguised as loss and transition.

Tool #3:  Now — Become Present

Bring this list to your new/renewed altar. Thank Spirit for your entire lesson – the good, the not so good, the easy ones and the painstaking trials in your life.  Ask for clarity. Forgive yourself and everyone else involved.  Say this prayer or one of your choosing.

I love you. Great Spirit, please forgive me for anything I have said or done that would cause harm to me or anyone else this past year….. I forgive you. Thank you.  Feel free to add the name or the situation.

Meditate and sit quietly for a minimum of 5 minutes or longer if you can.  See if there is anything else. Leave this folded list on your altar overnight.

Tool #4:  Energy

On New Year’s Eve, light a candle or make a fire outside or in an indoor fireplace.  Repeat your prayer from Tool #3. Bring your list to the fire and release. Feel the energy that is restored to you as you ignite and let go of the old.  You are now ready for 2012.  May you have many blessings and warm wishes for your health, balance and prosperity in this New Year.

In order to support your process and healing during the coming year, Renee, The Practical Shaman, will be offering teleclasses, 12-week coaching programs plus a year-long mentoring program, and individual sessions beginning in January.  

She will kick off the New Year on January 8 with a Vision Board Class to organize your intentions for the coming year. Information see calendar.

In addition, she will be leading Tools for Awakening Workshops, and facilitating two journeys: 

Trip 1:  Medicine trip to Mexico in May 2012 with Maria Teresa Valenzuela. Date tba soon.

Trip 2:  Mountains, Magic and Mysteries to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley in conjunction with Phoenix Adventures from September 27-October 4.  Register by December 31 and save $300 off the price for this adventure. Reserve your seat on the Train today.

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