“When sanity seems just beyond your reach and you feel engulfed by flames of despair, it is crucial to remember that this too shall pass.”

While you may not fit the description of someone experiencing severe depression, at some point in your life you may experience a debilitating emotional condition brought on by a genetic predisposition or a life situation, such as a physical impairment or traumatic event. Any of these could rock you from the center of your being, which I term your spin-axis,1 into a disharmonious mental state. During challenging times, when you feel like a sailor on a rough sea grasping the gunwales for support, having a mental and emotional health recovery plan will help you stay the course.

There was a desperate period in my life when I thought “What’s the use,” on a regular basis. I wasn’t planning to end my life, but in the darkness of my room, when the shades were pulled closed, my suf-fering was so draining that I could not move. I had to rely upon others to keep the doors of my small restaurant open. One cold night as I was laying there in the abyss, my cat Dash repeatedly brought me a bottle cap to toss for her. Playing with Dash saved me……



Mental Health Awareness Month

It was an honor to be published with Energy Magazine! I’m excited to share my published work with my friends and family. You can check out my article with the link below! I also want to encourage you to learn more about Energy Magazine; they have a subscription tier that is completely free- no strings attached!
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