The black bird sitting on my upper window ledge squawked, its high pitched shrill capturing my attention. Little did I know that this messenger of death would bring profound changes in the weeks to follow. As summer approached, I began to unravel the meaning behind this ominous sign.

One sunny day, I found myself in the very spot in my kitchen, gazing out the same window, engrossed in a conversation with my mom on the phone. It was then that tragedy struck – my stepfather suddenly collapsed and passed away while ascending the stairs after a Sunday jog. This shocking event would linger in my mind for years to come.

In my shamanic journey, I eventually came to recognize the significance of these cautionary bird messages. They carried profound wisdom, urging me to pay attention to the signs of impending change and transition. Through my journey, I learned to embrace the power and importance of these messages from the avian realm.

Join me on this transformative journey of self-discovery and connection with nature in The Practical Shaman. Explore the depths of wisdom and spirituality, and unlock your own unique potential for growth and transformation. Together, let’s discover the sacred teachings hidden within the natural world. 🌱🔮✨

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