How do you stand in your Truth when the global winds of change are battering your serenity, and the very foundation of your life?  Storm force winds are knocking, and the people you love are in harms way.  Currently there are fires burning, catastrophic storm swirling, and our planet is in chaos. How do we make spiritual sense of these temperamental elementals?

Unrest seems  to be the norm these days. Many people are polarized and disagreement abounds. Recently, I found myself editing my own words in an attempt to avoid backlash from my editor. Can I be in my peace while allowing you to have your own unique truth?

For me, the message is, “This is not the time to turn a blind eye, but to become like the mountain and a pillar of strength.”

How to Weather Storm Force Winds.

This week’s Wind of Spirit Card blows in from the South. The South represents needs and emotions.  How do you take care of yourself in a windstorm, so that you feel validated, and at peace?

Vayu India – Indus – Strength

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In Indian mythology, Vayu is a supreme deity who rules the space between the sun and earth. As a giver and taker of life, his role includes balancing the light and dark energies. He is also known as a purifier, explorer, messenger of the gods, and leader of sacrifices.[1] As one of the strongest gods, Vayu is portrayed as a white man carrying a bow and arrows as he sits atop a deer. He is often seen accompanying Vishnu’s Golden Chariot.

Vayu is attributed to severing the peak of Mount Meru, a sacred mountain in Indus cosmogony. In one tale, the omnipresent Vayu overhears two Gandharvas (nature spirits) discussing the strength of Vasuki, the snake deva (god). According to their narrative, Vasuki originally created the world. He transformed himself into a rope that anchored the very first boat to a horn fish, which allowed the Lord to emerge from the stormy sea. Upon hearing this, Vayu became enraged and a battle with Vasuki ensued. Vasuki wrapped himself around Mount Meru three times, and Vayu blew his breath full force in an attempt to uncoil hm. As Vayu blew harder, the mountain swayed, and Vasuki tightened his grip. Mount Meru ordered them to cease their battle lest he tumble into the sea and put an end to civilization. Brahma appeased Vayu and Vasuki by praising their virtues. As Vasuki released his grip, the peak of Mount Meru sank into the sea.

An understanding of Vayu provides insights into the intrinsic nature of time, space, karma, life, and death.[2] Vayu is viewed as a formless, spiritual wind; a prevailing, dynamic force of nature that energizes all life, but, when absent, invariably leads to stagnation and death.

The snake wrapped itself around Mount MeruSouth

Vayu is a temperamental and stubborn wind known for his sudden outbursts. Progress is slow when we react from a place of resentment, pain, or anger. Use the power of Vayu to visualize your negative emotions gracefully exiting your body. Once Vayu relaxed and stopped resisting, an island of peace and harmony manifested.

When Vayu contradicts your peace stemming from opposing emotions, hold on, and sway with the breeze. Be observant and patient. When the time is right, respond accordingly.

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Excerpt from Wind Clan Member on Facebook, Heather Lee Huff.

It was quite loud. I asked her if she would talk with me. She told me that as a Wind Sister (true for Wind Brothers, too) that we are kin with the storms. She has a very calm, grounded, intentional and powerful presence. I felt respect and awe. She also gave respect in return. She said that too many people in this world are out of balance and that my work, specifically, is to help people to find that balance within again. That her work as a storm is to wake people up. She said that there is nothing quite like powerful wind to clear out what no longer belongs (she meant fear residing in the physical and energy bodies of people). I flew with her for some time, blowing my whistle in the dream world from her center. It was kind of like in the Lord of the Rings when Frodo wears the ring. A blurry and loud place filled with so much clarity. Through my whistle went her wind. When I woke up I felt like I knew her and was very clear that we do not need to fear that kind of power. We can make friends with the storms and understand way more than if we fear them or think that we can control them. Because we can’t. But we can ask for what we want and we can choose to come into partnership with them, dispersing through our own work what may have dispersed in a different way otherwise. I feel called to honor Irma in my Full Moon work today. Honor the power in myself which I need to reclaim…power that she is mirroring for us right now.

Linda Heisel

I agree so much with what you say. The wind has important work to do in bringing balance where human emotional instability creates disturbances. I feel a yearning from the wind for partnership for recognition and respect. Our skies here in Hope are hidden in smoke from the fires that are burning uncontrolled all around us. Too much wind in some areas, too little in others. Too much water there, no rain all summer here. I have been whistling to Vayu for several days seeking balance. Today I untied a wind knot asking for balance within and without. When we take responsibility for our part in creating instability through hatred and prejudice, nature will reflect our peace.

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[1] The Myths and Gods of India: The Classic Work on Hindu Polytheism for the Inner Traditions, Bear Company, Alain Danielou Accessed on the web,

[2] David Frawley, American Institute of Vedic Studies accessed May 15, 2015




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