Vision Board Class

New Year has launched and wow, it’s proving to be quite a ride. Last week while hosting a vision board playshop I recorded a new audio download as a tool for awakening the creativity and inspiration for other people around the world to make their vision board. Vision boards are therapeutic and are essentially maps used to organize your goals, and dreams but can be made so much more meaningful when assembled in a group. There really is nothing more spiritual than time spent with women in the creative process. Women are great care takers, and it is no wonder many women suffer from depressive conditions when they spend so many hours in isolation, coping with their busy lives. They take care of the men and children, but who takes care of women – other women! So take the time and remove the distractions, turn off the cell phones. Despite what you may believe the world will continue to spin if you step off the treadmill. Nothing is more important than a healthy you.

Beyond the map; creating your new vision is now available as an audio download. The sixty-minute workshop will give you the tools and inspiration you need to organize your project. Make sure to have magazines, scissors, a glue stick and some poster board so you can craft your vision boards. To get started listen to the class to help you get centered, clear and inspired. While working in groups is a cooperative endeavor, sometimes you might prefer crafting your vision board alone when seeking solace at the end of the day. Faith is believing in something that is not yet manifested in form. Growing up I made wish lists, focusing on goals and dreams. Over the years most dreams imagined came true, even the seemingly absurd, and from then on Vision Boards became a staple.

The audio begins with some foundational ideas, a meditation followed by exercises. In the late 70’s Shakti Gawain was a pioneer in the resurging field of new thought. In her book, Creative Visualization she talks about using the imagination to create what you want in your life. 20 years later the book and movie The Secret taught the same thing, with the premise that what you put out comes back to you; that using your natural power and energy will somehow attract things or events to your life. This of course was not a new way of thinking, discussed previously by Galileo and the Greek masters. Science has since moved beyond this idea and today we hold the notion that feelings are the keystone to creation. Feelings are an equally important gauge in manifesting your dreams. Feel yourself in the perfect relationship, spooning at night, reading out loud to each other, cooking together, and feeling lips kissing you. Imagination will take you half way there, but in order to clinch the deal, feelings are key.Vision Board Class

Our brain and mind are two separate entities and popular science reveals that we have receptors in our gut and throughout our body. Look at a magazine or on your drive to work, receive the blessings of nature that make you smile. Trees and lakes have been on the center of my personal visual collage for the last few years, and yet I live in a desert? Perhaps my soul is crying out for more. Learn to trust that your inner wisdom (intuition) knows what your soul requires to thrive. If the glimmering leaves of a tree bring tears to your eyes, slow down and take note of what stirs your soul and makes you smile. Find a picture that represents this image and paste it on your vision board!

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Renee Baribeau – The Practical Shaman – is offering Beyond the Map: Audio download complete with Vision Board instructions for only $19.95.


"This is the most spiritual vision board process I have ever experienced."



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