Sacred Plant Medicine Mexico May 2016

The Practical Shaman, Tools for Awakening presents Working with Sacred Plant Medicine, a journey to Mexico to work with indigenous medicine keeper Maria Teresa Valenzuela in her village of Tequisquiapan, Queretaro.


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Plants know Best; Renee’s blog on The Elephant Journal

This will be an amazing cross-cultural experience and opportunity for healers and mystics from our group and from Mexico. You’ll explore traditional Curanderismo, traditional ceremonial lodge, herbal remedies, plant medicine and their practical, modern-day applications for your life. In addition to Maria Teresa Valenzuela the tour will be facilitated by Renee Baribeau and Rosario Sarria.GRAN_HOTEL_CIUDAD_DE_MEXICO_RS_5

Our journey begins at the Gran Hotel Ciudad De Mexico in the historic city center of Mexico City, in what was formerly the ancient Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan. The hotel offers amazing views of the Palacio Nacional, Plaza de la Constitución and the Aztec archeological site of Templo Mayor. The plaza, known as the “Zócalo” by locals, is big enough to hold 100,000 people and is world’s second largest, after Red Square in Moscow.

You will need to make your travel arrangements to be in Mexico City the night before the official start date May 19, 2016. We will enjoy free time to explore the city that evening.

We will begin our work together the following morning.

“From arriving at the airport in Mexico City and seeing Renee’s smiling face, a beautiful overnight to rest up in Mexico City and a scenic ride to Tequisquiapan, Queretaro the following day, my trip to Mexico with Renee Baribeau was like stepping back into a family I had forgotten I had. Led by Maria Theresa and Rosario, sisters and brothers welcomed us with open arms and always I felt an integral part of the activities. The community is magical, ceremonies are healing and the land supports all of this in the best of ways. Can’t wait to return!” Susan

pyramid mexico teotihuacanAs a group, we will go to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the national shrine on Tepeyac Hill in Mexico City.  and Pyramid Teotihuacan.

From there, we will travel by private, air-conditioned coach to Maria Teresa’s village of Tequisquiapan. Located two hours from the bustling city in the southeast of Queretaro, Mexico, we will here have three 1/2  full  days/nights  of teaching and experiential ceremonies inlcuding Peyote, San Pedro, Auywasca, Limpias and a Sweat lodge.

You will have the option of exploring various forms of plant medicine and herbal remedies. We will be working at Casa Gayatri and staying at a local hotel, called El Virrey, where breakfast will be included.

We will have a ceremony at a hot springs La Gruta.  gruta-azul

Following this final ceremony, we visit the fabulous artistic town of San Miguel de Allende where we will spend two nights at the Villa Mirasol Hotel

Our trip will conclude back in Mexico City late in the afternoon on the last day May 25, 2016. You may plan your departure for the following day or late in the evening. We are happy to arrange a hotel. Some of the group will be staying overnight in a trendy neighborhood for shopping and world-class food.

Complete Schedule

Total cost of trip includes:

•    Lodging (double occupancy)
•    Most meals
•    Teaching, Lodges, Medicine Work
•    All ground transportation
•    Entrance tickets to schedule tours

Cost for the Trip:

    •    $2211.  ($500 deposit payment will be required to hold your place)
•    Single supplement $600

The trip is limited to 10 people. The trip is open to men and women.

Early Regsitration

Maria Teresa Valenzuela
About the Presenters

Maria Teresa Valenzuela

Maria Teresa Valenzuela is an indigenous spiritual teacher and healer from an enduring lineage of shamanic healers and curanderos in the Sierra Madre of Chihuahua, Mexico. Maria Teresa conducts spiritual workshops, retreats, and individual healing work using indigenous healing methods and visionary medicine plants.

Renee Baribeau

Renee uses both Energy and Process to assist you in reaching your goals. Utilizing her shamanic training and her western personal healing, she is able to track and locate your deepest blocks to wellness. She is then able to assist in your healing journey using energy to facilitate the experience and process to reinforce your positive change. She holds the space for the process of healing to occur by synchronizing with her clients and raising their vibrations, thus creating resonance with a new field. Her ability to track into the core issue is at the heart of every process.

Rosario SarriaRossario Sarria

Rosario Sarria is a Traditional Temascalera (traditional sweat lodge guide) who was born in Lima, Peru but presently lives in Mexico with her Mexican husband and three children. In Lima, Peru she started her spiritual path under the guidance of two ayahuasqueros, Alonso Del Rio and Diego Palma, with the medicine plant ayahuasca. She further unfolded her spiritual path as a devotee, in the lineages of Sri Krishna and Sathya Sai Baba.

She is also involved in the spiritual practice called the Santo Daime (works with ayahuasca). She has a Healing Center in Tequisquiapan, Queretaro, Republica Mexico where she lives. The Center hosts many traditional elders and their healing ceremonies. The Center is also a place where traditional healing modalities take place—especially in support of women.