Tāwhirimātea Maori New Zealand Tempest--Order follows Chaos

Art: Warren Pohatu

Tāwhirimātea Maori New Zealand
Tempest–Order follows Chaos

About fifty generations ago, ancestors of the Māori left Polynesia, and sailed eastward to populate the isolated Chatham Islands. Since that time Native Zealanders have protected their sacred place of belonging, the land of the long white cloud. As guardians of their land, the Māori protect tradition, home and family, while embracing adversity. Kapa Haka is a dance used by Māori warriors to intimidate intruders. Each rhythmic dance move builds upon the next, and is anchored in the principle of oneness with the earth. Connection with the earth mother is the sacred heart beat of every story, song, dance, dream and decision. Aggression and discord are primary themes in the cosmogony of the Māori culture.

In the beginning, darkness prevailed throughout the universe. Papatuanuku (Papa), the Earth Mother, and Ranginui (Rangi), the Sky Father, entwined in a passionate, loving embrace, created only male offspring. As one might expect, frustration mounted as seventy gods competed for the power that lay wedged in the dark thin layer. Dissension grew. While some progeny wanted to separate their parents, a few, including Tāwhirimātea, did not. After many unsuccessful attempts to free themselves, Tāne-mahuta (Tane, God of the forest and trees) planted himself firmly against the earth mother Papa, and pushed Rangi the father, into the heavens, bringing light, and consciousness to our planet. He breathed the sacred breath (HA) into the nostrils of the first woman – Hineahuone… as he did so he said – “Tihei mauri ora!” (Behold there is life!).


Inherent in their cosmology is that all life is subject to the power of storms, wind and rain.Click To Tweet

Knowledge can be acquired through adversity, and wisdom is compounded from generation to generation.

When Tāwhirimātea charges headlong into your life, a power of a sacred order (Tapu) is about to enter and “shake up” your daily life.

Tawhirimatea_the forces of change is upon youSouth
It’s time to move out of your comfort zone when Tāwhirimātea comes raging in as a South wind. Despite the love of Rangi and Papa, darkness prevailed due to their intimate coupling. Light was needed for humanity to grow and flourish. Often pain and resistance are gifts that lead to the greatest growth. Embrace the wrath of Tāwhirimātea. Ask for the willingness to draw from your life experiences so you can find compassion and understand your complex emotions.

As Tāwhirimātea moves from East to South in a contrary position, fear buffets the helm of your canoe, causing a rainstorm. As he was circling the skies, Tāwhirimātea Behavior created the very results he was avoiding, the feeling of separation. Your tantrum is wreaking havoc upon your family and community. It is time to consider the negative effects of your selfish behavior on others. An apology is meaningless without a change in behavior. Extended grief can produce ill effects and can reap destruction in your life.

Some extra support may be needed at this time. If you need guidance and direction, reserve a 30-minute session with Renee Here.





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