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my dreams and renew my energy goals

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Set Sail Towards Your Fulfillment This Spring

Participants in the retreat will choose and focus on a single issue for the five-day retreat.

Video instructions and Worksheets will be provided each day.

Course Outline

Day One

Learn about the basic tenets of WindWork® as it relates to clearing old patterns.

Clarity - Using the tools of WindWork® you will receive inner guidance pertaining to your chosen topic.

Winds of Spirit Meditation.

Day Two

How Nature Based Wisdom Chooses You to Receive DIVINE INNER GUIDANCE.

How to look for, and identify signs.

Working with Allies and the Winds of Spirit to achieve your goals.

Day Three


Wind Exercise to remove your blocks.

Day Four

Work with Nature's Cycle to SHAPE SHIFT YOUR ENERGY GOALS.

Align to Your Inner Awakening Compass.

Day Five


Discover Your Personal Winds of Spirit Helper.

Winds of Spirit launch.

Celebrate the Mother, Course Begins Sunday  May 14, 2017 

Renew Your Energy

Renee Baribeau, “The Practical Shaman,” is an accomplished Hay House Author, keynote presenter, workshop leader, respected business coach, dynamic spiritual leader, and author of “Winds of Spirit,” which will be released in early 2018, by the prestigious Hay House Publishing Co.

Each of the 32 wind Gods and Goddesses described in her book has a distinct personality. Renee reveals the specific qualities of each one, and explains how they can help anyone navigate safely through the trials and tribulations of daily life.

Baribeau’s personal journey is a story of overcoming chronic depression, emotional disorder, and addiction through the use of powerful tools. Wind is one of nature’s most profound and powerful forces.

Humankind has always sought to understand our place and purpose in the universe, and to identify, invoke, pursue, or create more favorable conditions to improve our lives. Winds of Spirit is designed to help you get the answers you need, by working with divine forces of nature––namely, wind.

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"The Awakening Compass work is perfect for anyone in the midst of confusion, feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about what they are here to do right now. It's a powerful tool for orienting ourselves and seeing the areas in our lives where we may be stuck, and for showing the directions we can move in with surrendered trust that will bring our gifts to life with ease and flow"
Lori Lothian The Awakened Dreamer

Anyone who may be feeling stuck, lost, confused or frustrated would benefit from this class.  There is no wisdom greater than personal insight.  Renee's class helps every person find their own compass bearings.  It's basically a class in learning to sail your own boat.  Gotta love that.
Lisa Labon, Author, Mother

Wind Believers

"Thank you for the powerful, authentic work.  I am inspired.  I am moving forward." Charlotte R

Your class is exactly what I need right now. The tools you are giving us are fantastic!" George M

"As a writer, I well know the frustration that comes with creative blocks. Working with Renee and the winds gives me the tools I need to clear the blocks. Renee is a gifted shaman and this work is truly amazing.  
Barbara L Author, Philanthropist

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