Mari (Basque) Gift

Call to the Wind Goddess, Mari, three times whenever you are lost, and she will come to your aid.

There are times, when you least expect it, that the wind goddess, Mari, rises from the crevices in the rocks and offers you gifts.Click To Tweet

South is the sweet spot of your emotions, the sun at high-noon, and the place of needs and desires. This week’s wind forecast manifests as a gentle breeze wafting in from the Mexican Riviera. This vacation is the reward I promised myself after a year of dedicated writing, and hard work.

For months, the Ventolines (sweet dancing wind spirits) who reside by the sea, beckoned me. Eventually I understood  their message and made plans to take a fun-filled, well-deserved vacation. In my life, spirit has rarely spoken in such a stern manner.  As I disembarked the plane, a voice from within said, “Your life is about to change.”

In addition to the healing comfort of the spa, relaxing poolside, walking on the beach and playing in the jungle, this adventure requires learning how to share space with others.  For over a decade all of my travels have been solo events. Plants need fertilizer to grow. Having a new friend along, is causing me to upgrade my rusty, emotional navigational tools. I am quickly learning that a balancing act is required in order for me to play with another, while tending to my personal needs in a healthy, non demanding way. Mari blows in from the South balcony to remind me that I can always call upon this sweet mother wind for guidance and balance.

Mari offers several reminders  that now is the time to accept her rewards, including a well-deserved vacation, and a life that is enriched by the company of new friends. During a spa treatment, I asked the attendant the name of the mountain holding space for the resort,  and the panorama healing backdrop for my pedicure. She told me it was “Mari-e”.  My heart beamed.

Trust in Mari's gifts, including her ability to move throughout the world's mountain ranges as needed.Click To Tweet

As the prominent mythical deity of northern Spain, Mari is a mysterious goddess who resides deep inside the base of the Pyrenees Mountains. According to genetic evidence, the Basque have resided in the area for over 9,000 years. Mari’s malevolent and mischievous influence has been felt throughout the ages. The Basque people regard her as the source of all creation. Her beauty is as rich as Mother Earth herself. Much like the weather patterns she oversees, her surname and appearance often change. Sometimes Mari appears at Anboto in the north of Spain, bringing wet weather, and then moves on to permeate Alono with her hot, arid breath. She is able to manifest as a woman-tree joining earth and sky, as a bird, or as an elegant woman draped in a red gown as she drives her cart across the face of a full moon. Whenever you need guidance, call to her three times by one of her many names (Andre Mari, Ama Lurra, Old Woman of the Mountain, or Marien Damea) and she will come to your aid.


Like a fragrant perfume gently wafting through the air, Mari drifts in from the south to stir and fully awaken your erotic potential. Mari was an androgynous, passionate lover. Although she had a husband named Sugaar, she also brought willing young village maidens to her cave for extended visits.

Mari is also the mother of balance; her offspring were Attarrabi (good) and Mikelats (evil). Call upon Mari to reveal and balance the themes in your life with your inner emotional winds of need and desire. If you feel emotionally undernourished, seek the companionship of women, or take on a new lover.

When Mari blows in as an arid south wind, your passion may feel diminished and parched. She arrives as the Divine Mother, bearing gifts to resurrect and nourish you. Visualize her red swirling life force dancing passionately in your second chakra. Call on Mari to remove any emotional blockages preventing self-love, the essential force that nurtures your creative soul.

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