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"I am totally happy that I am writing every day. I wanted to start a writing practice and when Renee suggested this writing wind clan I was all for it, and I am all over it :) Thank you for the opportunity! I enjoy it"  Kamila

"This morning I sat in the garden to journal and felt a deep connection with nature and thankfulness; gardens are a rich environment for feeling the gifts of giving and receiving." Linda

"The invitation to write each morning has been a great reminder of all the things that can distract...and all the reasons to say No to a process when the heart says YES.  The good news is that my Yes has prevailed and I am using this not unlike morning blow out the pipes and set the day for myself."  Ellen

"I wrote this morning! It's become a loving habit. Thank you for the challenge." Melissa

"I have a very important step in my healing unfolding and my journaling is really giving me clarity on it." Sandy

" As the layers of 'stuff' have been coming up the past few days I have been very quiet and still to allow for all of it to percolate and the finally come to the surface to have the breezes through the trees take them away." Sharon

"Interesting, I am also in quiet mode. Last night (yes, I usually write at the end of the day), I felt like I had nothing to journal about. Sometimes I journal through that and at some point some interesting things will come up. This time, nothing much happened and I did not feel like digging or pushing. I just don't feel like telling anymore of the same old stories of "Jeannine" and what she did in the past, or wants to do in the future. I feel like a lot of that stuff is kind of sliding away and I don't need it anymore. That partially feels good and partially causes anxiety because I am used to writing about things! I am raising some Monarch caterpillars for the first time and have learned that they shed their skins a few times before the do the ultimate shed and turn into the chrysalis. As they are entering the about to shed period, they stop eating and moving and become very quiet. Then that old skin comes off and POOF the look instantaneously bigger and get right back to work crunching down on milkweed. Maybe my journaling quiet times are like that caterpillar resting before molting. As I typed this, I realized that I sure had a lot to say for someone who started off by saying that she had nothing to say!! HA"  Jeannine

" I didnt even do my journalling yet today......been "whitewashing" the patio fence all day. Can I "whitewash" my feelings, my mind? Deva

"Today's pen was quiet...a new experience. I playfully asked for a word to start with. "Pipe" came. I'm still working to trust the process so I made a face about the word. I then began to write about making space and recognize that every time I do, something new comes in. There are always things waiting in the pipeline, in process, being developed. Then I realized that, even though I still have fear, it's nothing like it used to be and I really do feel more content and faithful that I ever have." Melissa

" What I call Waking Time is always a very significant part of my day. I find it interesting how the mind talks about random topics for as long as I would like to lay there and listen. I am not 'really' a part of the conversation, it is more one sided than that. I am but a captive audience with eyes closed taking in each message with curiosity,

"Each day is different, every topic and message is different.
I have decided to keep a list in my journal of daily Waking Time conversations." Darcy

"It allowed the timely recognition that I was fighting the stillness . I became acutely aware that I was in a (destructive ).. need for distraction.. I wanted to, go somewhere, be occupied.. to fill my self with tangible perceptible, answers, ...( I'm like this when something is hovering.. something is close but hasn't quite landed and my mind - body is not making headway on identifying or releasing (as she's not aware of what the perceived threat is)... yup.. that precise time to sit and rest and listen...!"   Aoife

"Before this challenge I was much more rigid in my journaling and it was an all or nothing relationship. So as we go forward I am curious to explore a more fluid and organic way of being with it. Who knows what will unfold! Thanks Renee Baribeau so much for the most beautiful and sacred of spaces, it has been a delight". Catherine

'I finished day 22 today so I am still writing...when you first said to get a spiral bound notebook and write 3 pages I never thought I'd be able to write for 3 pages. Every day I'd begin wondering how on earth I'd fill 3 pages...but i did...what i've noticed is the first two sort of get things straight in my head but the 3rd page....the 3rd page...that's where the magic is." Sandy

 "It's been a very still summer. Last summer was cold, rainy and windy. Lots a disarray with in the stillness and I think the writing daily has cleaned the slate. Truly supporting me to be in the moment." Sue

" I came to the journal challenge 31 days ago needing balance in my life and my mind/heart in alignment with trust. Looking back over my pages this morning I see a purging from within of much in myself that was holding me out of balance and out of trust. I feel so grateful for this group endeavor which got me back to almost every day writing. I feel more centered, more balanced and more connected to my quiet inner place where trust can be found. Thank you Renee for leading us through the journal challenge. As I wrote my pages this morning I found a renewed excitement for uncovering what is to come in the next 30 days. Glad to be part of this group!" Heather

Insights from Wind Journalers

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Become Quiet and Still

Feel Deeply Connected

Say Yes to Your Heart

As you can see,  going through this process has given people deeper insight into their life, and the  Wind Clan Community has offered you a safe and supportive place for change-work.

Renee Baribeau is a Hay House Author, soul coach, author, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, and workshop leader, known and respected for her down-to-earth approach. During her life, the wind gods have steered Renee’s life path in many directions. A former chef, in 1987 she opened the first farm-to-table restaurant in Central New York, Brown Bagger’s, in Syracuse. In 2005, Renee established the Desert Holistic Network in Palm Desert, California, an online regional resource directory. She served as the Resident Shaman at the We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs. Since 2013, Renee has worked for Foundations Recovery Network, a national system of residential treatment facilities. Her current role is Marketing and Community Outreach Coordinator.

As a writer, Renee is a featured contributing blogger for Elephant Journal. Renee has also contributed chapters to the anthologies in Pearls of Wisdom: 30 Inspirational Ideas to Live Your Best Life Now (Hierophant Publishing, 2012) and The Five Principles of Everything (Five Birds Publishing, 2012). She presently makes her home on the West Coast, and Whidbey Island in Puget Sound.

The Wind Work™ is a Wayfinding system that relies on an ancient sacred techniques used by farmers, shamans and sailors. It will show you how to navigate your personal path, providing insight on how to manage the wind patterns and shifting conditions  that affect you. Winds of Spirit will teach you how to connect with your true inner self (your spiritual magnetic north,) and use your body as a compass to keep your bearings and you never get lost. By working with the omnipresent winds in your life, you can restore harmony and balance, heal your body, and unleash your creative powers

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