What can you pull from the flames of creation? This week’s Winds of Spirit Wisdom comes from Ilmarinen, a supreme Finnish Wind Deity of divine origin who created the sky and conjures up magic from the flames of his smithy. Ilmarinen rushes in from the East, which pertains to the Mind. When Ilmarinen “sets the four winds blowing” in your life, the magic of alchemy is at play, yet be wary, for the gold may be otherworldly and different than what you expect.

Yesterday, I was speaking to someone who had just returned from Auschwitz. Like many other visitors, she was scarred from the experience. It was a tad eerie when we pulled Imarinen from the deck. A certain story states that when this Wind God lost his beloved, he created a gold statue from the flames of his smithy, hoping to sooth his broken heart. Sadly, the statue was void of thought and emotion, and did not offer any value to his experience. This is a reminder that events in our lives don’t always makes sense.

Ilmarinen (ilm-arin-en)

Magic is the key ingredient of the Kalevala (cal-e-vala), an epic tale of the Finnish people who lived along the coast of the Baltic Sea, in the North Western corner of Russia. Finno-Ugric mythology has endured the test of time; music and poetry live on as everlasting reminders of the magic that transpires when humans live in harmony with nature.

At the core of the 22,795 mystical verses in the Kalevala are two brothers who are creator Gods. Väinämöinen is the wise shaman, and Ilmarinen is the innocent-wizard craftsman. Ilmarinen is a supreme Deity of divine origin who created the sky, and the son of the celestial Ilmar who was impregnated by the wind at the dawn of creation.[1]

In one tale, Väinämöinen encourages Ilmarinen to conjure a sacred Sampo, wooing him with the promise of marriage to the beautiful and mysterious Rainbow Goddess. Despite his skepticism, Ilmarinen journeys North from The Land of Heroes to the harsh-barren lands of the Lapp witches. Possessed by a fairy maiden’s charm, the alchemist constructs a smithy on a colored rock, igniting a raging inferno from which he extracts a plethora of objects, including weapons of war that he immediately destroys.  After four failed attempts, Ilmarinen calls upon the four winds for assistance. The Sampo appears in the flames as a mill with a multi-colored top, capable of grinding out grain, salt, and gold.

When Ilmarinen “sets the four winds blowing” in your life, the magic of alchemy is at play, yet be wary, for the gold may be otherworldly and different than what you expect.

Time to Extract the Truth from the FlamesEast

Until the Kalevala became their national tale, the Finnish people had long-forgotten their origins. When Ilmarinen fans your fire, it is time to extract the truth from the brightly lit flame of the Smithy residing within you. It is not enough to craft your identity from illusions, social media or television. Immerse yourself into the deep waters of your divine inner wisdom. Great inventions are similar to cloths woven from the threads of innovative thoughts and ideas.

Have you forgotten the words to your favorite childhood song? Hum until the words rise up from the depths of your shared history. Become a fascinated seeker; search for words while you sleep and explore the worlds of magic within your dreams. Before Väinämöinen sailed away, he reclaimed all of the aesthetic tears that were shed when he sang, and reshaped them into pearls of wisdom. He vowed to return one day when there was a new song to sing; that time has arrived.

Is it time to ignite your passion. Begin by Discovering Your Blocks and Removing Resistances.  Try out this complimentary exercise.

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[1] The Project Gutenberg EBook of Kalevala: the Epic Poem of Finland — Complete, by Elias Loennrot. Produced by John B. Hare and Carrie R. Lorenz from the preface. https://www.gutenberg.org/files/5186/5186.txt

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