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Align Your Awakening Compass for Spring™

March 18, 2014 @ 6:00 pm - April 8, 2014 @ 7:30 pm

| Free


To be a successful navigator of your life must be able to:

determine direction and accurate coordinates in order to arrive at your destination;  keep track of position en route and make any necessary course corrections; and  actually make landfall on the goal where you are heading.


Now is the perfect time to pollinate your seeds to harvest your dreams this year.

One-hour Audio Class is now available for Download


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Seeds grow when conditions are right!

Testimonies  from  Participants

"I was just now able to listen to the free webinar and had THE most powerful release! My Mom passed over a year ago in January, a couple of weeks ago I received an intuitive message from her to perform a cord cutting with two of my sisters in regards to negative messages she had given to us over the years regarding our self image, etc. My sisters released during the cord cutting, It had a small impact on me, until right now! My message is ACCEPTANCE! My heart chakra and solar plexus no longer holds the boulder it has for years, that boulder now is on waves floating out to sea! Awesome!!!" LaNora

"I get so many emails I rarely read them any more. I woke up quite early this morning and opened yours for some reason….
 I thoroughly enjoyed the replay and followed right through and took notes. I like yours a lot…resonate with it.  I love what you're doing."  Yvonne
"The Wind Work – as you facilitate it with your practical wisdom – does really create a clearing for taking the 'next right step.'  I'll let you know when I do…. with appreciation, " Tressa


To help you on your journey:

Renee’s has developed a tool, the Awakening Compass™, one application will help you:

  • Take inventory of your current beliefs, by determining the prevailing winds in your life.
  • Clear away a memories and strengthen new visions
  • Adjust your Compass and plot new coordinates for your "growing season" in 2014


This webinar is for those wanting to achieve greater success in their business and personal lives.

You know your compass is pointing Magnetic North when:

  • You are passionate about life
  • Your needs are met
  • You obtain measurable results
  • You experience a sense of joy and fulfillment by contributing to humanity.

Please join me as we set our sails and reawaken our Authentic Selves.

Renee Baribeau is known worldwide as, “The Practical Shaman.” As a gifted sage, mentor, healer, blogger, author, life coach and chef, she injects humor and practical wisdom into her dynamic, inspirational workshops.

The “Awakening Compass,©” featured in her new book, “The Winds of Spirit,” (spring 2015), is an innovative navigational tool designed to provide guidance, focus and clarity of direction in your life, no matter which way the wind is blowing.

Renee is a contributing author to, “Pearls of Wisdom: 30 Inspirational Ideas to Live Your Best Life Now!” with New York Times bestselling author Jack Canfield. Renee has also been featured in, “The Five Principles of Everything.

Give your dreams wind power to soar in 2014?

Learn more about a five-week program called Boxing Your Compass,  begin in April 8th

Information and Registration

Participants from the recent five-week  class suggested that this class may be for you if you are:

"ready to follow through with any goal, this class can help anchor that goal into attainable steps." Healing Bear

"I would say that I was shifted by looking at the patterns in my life and how they intersected. I was really ready to show myself more love and nurturing, and honor my own individual way of doing things. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be in charge of his or her life and get into flow. I think people who feel stuck could benefit, but also people who are inner explorers. The goal setting was not meaningful to me (it wasn't an enticement, I discovered I was averse to it). Rather than creating outcomes, I created feelings."  Stephanie

"The Awakening Compass work is perfect for anyone in the midst of confusion, overwhelm or uncertainty about what they are here to do right now. It's a powerful tool for orienting ourselves and seeing the areas in our lives where we are perhaps stuck, and the directions we can move in with surrendered trust that will bring our gifts to life with ease and flow" Lori

"rather than have finishing the whole dissertation as the goal, Renee asked me to make a smaller goal and write out steps to the process. so, i chose to finish my chapter by the end of February, as a goal, as well as to finish a paper for a conference in early march 2014. (I achieved both of these goals!)" Rebecca

"The Compass workshop with Renee is a tremendous culmination of her gifts and talents.  Using the compass, she walked us through the stages of thought, emotion, creation and eventually fruition of our goals.  Understanding the prevailing winds in our lives and our responses to them is very empowering.  Her meditations are always so productive.

"Anyone who may be feeling stuck, lost, confused or frustrated would benefit from this class.  There is no wisdom greater than personal insight.  Renee's class helps every person find their own compass bearings.  It's basically a class in learning to sail your own boat.  Gotta love that." Lisa
"The work coincided with a meditation and body training I am taking, and so deepened my awareness of what I am holding and releasing in the body.  I experienced some real shifts during the class – I especially recall the shucking meditation of letting ourselves let go of what surrounded the seed, leaving only the 'bare seed.'  This exercise came right at the same time as an important job opportunity that let me write the application narrative from my deeper desires, not just to "have a job," but to have a job aligned with my larger vision for my life.  I also liked the idea of a "body date" – having done the work of the Artist's Way and remembered the value of the "artist's date," the idea of moving the body in a new way was enlivening – and I did also take myself for a "mini massage," though only after I was a tension mess.  A shift or lesson would be to pay more attention to the body's care *before* it seizes in tension.  I try to do this with daily walking/stretching – and somehow even these simple routines seem more meaningful now." Tressa

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March 18, 2014 @ 6:00 pm
April 8, 2014 @ 7:30 pm


In The Comfort of Your Own Home