Sila Innua (siliap inua); a time of inner Wisdom


Sila Innua (siliap inua): Inuit: Wisdom If Sila Innua appears in your spread, you are being called to make the most of your intrinsic, divine wisdom. Imagine living the life of a Nordic nomad, where snowstorms are aspects of everyday living, and your world is enshrouded by darkness for months on end.  Contending with frigid […]

Enlil Supreme Deity of Fate and Destiny


Enlil–Mesopotamian God of Destiny – Fate According to ancient tablets unearthed in the area once known as Mesopotamia, chaos and darkness ruled the universe before the advent of civilization. The Sumerian myths state that Nature was worshipped before Gods became personified as individual deities. An, the sky and Ki, the earth, gave birth to Enlil, […]

Nil’chi; lend your ear to the wind


Navajo–Guidance Nil’chi, “the holy wind that informs everything,” offers guidance to those whose inner ears are open. When the universe was created, the Sacred Wind entered the darkness of the underworld. Dark and light wind energy joined as one, giving birth to mists of lights that traveled to the four corners of the middle world. […]

Oya; Change is imminent


Oya Yoruba – Ifa – Orisha Oya is a powerful wind, a harbinger of change. Her husband Shango, a thunderous raging storm God, usually accompanies her. The combination of her sword and his fire purifies everything in their path, as they use hurricanes and cyclones to clear the way for new growth. Legend states, “What […]