Yaponcha; Moderation is key to Everything

mixing_elementsYaponcha- Hopi- Moderation

Yaponcha dwells at the foot of Sunset Crater in the crack of a black rock.
If Yaponcha shows up in your life, it is possible that winds have been blowing incessantly in your life, and you are now ready for a change. It’s time to restore balance in your life.

In Hopi lore, the people of the village were distraught; their crops wouldn’t grow because Yaponcha’s energy wouldn’t allow their seeds to sprout. Two little fellows were sent to talk to him. After traveling for several days, they reached the mountain where Yaponcha resided. After sealing the crack in the rock with corn meal mush to prevent him from blowing, they were quite proud of themselves. Within days of their victory, the air in the village became dry and hot. Soon the villagers felt suffocated and realized that moderation is the key to growing healthy crops and a maintaining a vibrant community. The little fellows were sent back to the crater to remove some of the corn meal, so that the proper amount of wind would reach the village.

Ever since that day, the Yaponcha has blown just enough to keep the people happy without destroying their crops.Click To Tweet

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If Yaponcha shows up in the East quadrant of your Awakening Compass, it is time to pray, and ask the right questions regarding your attitudes and beliefs. The best way to achieve balance in your life is by asking what, how, when and where. Things are not always black and white. Examine your attitudes carefully and find a path that will lead to a life of moderation.
Whirling thoughts may be a sign that Yaponcha is blowing against you, and preventing you from moving forward. Center yourself and become still like the eye of a hurricane. Ask yourself what is required in order for you to move forward with calm and confidence.

Be ever alert, because your pride may be like that of the little fellows in the Hopi story above. They were proud of conquering the wind, laughing all the way as they headed back to the village. Look beyond the glory of your personal achievements. Will vanity and momentary pleasure nourish and sustain your crops?
Feelings of anger and self-righteous may cause you to justify certain actions, but this may be an indication that a counter wind is blowing against you. This is a time to pause, and offer prayers to the Yaponcha. Wait for him to subside before taking deliberate action. Be calm and walk in Peace.

The appearance of Yaponcha in the western quadrant might indicate overindulgence in certain areas of your life. Excessive eating and drinking may leave your fields barren, or you may be denying your body much needed nutrition. Using the wisdom of your hands to craft, cook, or work in the garden is an excellent way to restore Balance in your life.
Shortness of breath or forgetting to breathe may indicate that the winds of Yaponcha have stalled. Stop, relax, and take a few deep breaths before proceeding.


Your ability to make rain depends on the strength of your devotion. Yaponcha comes as a chilly North Wind reminding you to sing, dance, laugh and pray. Practice your devotion daily, year after year, during work, at home, in the fields, and during ceremony, to reinforce your success at growing corn. Become willing to discover the right intensity of wind in your life so you do not become stagnant, or so forceful that you blow out the light of your own dreams. Take an Artist Date, spend time in a museum, gallery, or with your own creative pursuits. It is time to remember your dream and vision.
Have the seeds you planted, failed to grow corn? Y aponcha’s swirl comes as a reminder of gratitude. Signs may be as subtle as a fallen feather, a light breeze, or unexpected phone call. Harmony for the community may require a personal sacrifice.

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Feng Po Po, Madame Wind

Feng Po Po: Madame Wind, Strive for BalanceChinese, Harmony

Strive for Balance

The concepts of Harmony and Balance predate the written word, and are vital aspects of the Feng Shui Compass and China’s ideology. Feng Shui (literally Wind –Water) was designed as a system to keep humanity aligned with the forces of nature. The Chinese believe that wind and water contain an invisible energy known as chi, and when these elements are balanced, they provide numerous benefits to personal health, home and community.

China’s history is filled with many wind gods and goddesses responsible for maintaining peace and order in every day life. Feng Po Po, the crone, is often referred to as Madame Wind. With her age comes great wisdom that states,

“In harmony everything is possible.”Click To Tweet Often depicted as old and wrinkled, Feng Po Po carries a full sack of wind in her arms while riding on the back of a tiger. On calm days she expresses her generous spirit by nurturing and embracing the elements, but when her mood turns foul, she unleashes pent up winds in the form of violent storms.

Like Feng Po Po’s bag of wind, balance implies that both prevailing winds must be present simultaneously. A light breeze is a welcome addition on a hot summer day. A mood can quickly turn into a foul wind when we sacrifice play by overworking ourselves. To be human is to constantly strive for states of balance. Giving and receiving, working and playing, loving and losing are lessons experienced by every human who wishes to achieve harmony in their lives.

Balance is a virtue, but an excess of a good thing can easily become a vice. When Madame Wind appears in your spread, it is time to ask yourself, “Am I living a life of harmony and or am I abusing power and heading for a breakdown?”


Are you practicing mindfulness? An old Buddhist adage says that if you’re too busy to meditate, you need to sit longer.

When Feng Po Po appears upright in your spread, it is time to trust the process. A new creation will appear as you contemplate and harmonize with the forces of nature.

If Madame Wind appears in the Contrary position, it is time to strive for harmony by releasing outmoded thoughts and altering your course.

In an upright position Feng Po Po offers her wisdom to assist you in aligning your needs and desires with the harmonizing forces of nature. Treating yourself to wholesome, nutritious food is one way of taking care of your self, but overindulging may be a sign that your emotional state is out of balance.

If Madame Wind appears in the contrary positions, ask yourself, “How am I neglecting my needs, and why are my creative juices becoming desiccated like raisins in the sun?


Each life cycle, and every project, includes the elements of creation, birth, decay and death.

When Madame Wind appears in your harvest, you are entering the latter stages of a natural cycle. Collapse is an aspect of life’s harmony. In youth our bodies are resilient and we often act without considering the long-term effects. As we age, choices from the past may come back to haunt us.

If Madame Wind has graced your spread in the contrary position, the time for self-discipline has arrived.

The winds demand that you tend to your personal physical needs as well as your domicile.Click To Tweet


The health of the community is a prime concern of the Crone. Magic and Power can be deceptive winds. Are you using the power of prayer for service or personal gain? The best way to have harmony in your life is by extending it to others.

If Feng Po Po arrives with her stormy winds in the contrary position, beware. Throughout China’s long history, dynasties have collapsed whenever power was misused; it is imperative that you strive to achieve and maintain balance and harmony in your life lest the same happens to you.

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Sila Innua (siliap inua); Inner Wisdom

greeting_the_day_largeSila Innua (siliap inua)

Inuit: Wisdom

If Sila Innua appears in your spread, you are being called to make the most of your intrinsic, divine wisdom. Sila Innua means owner of the air, and breath is essential for life. Without wind there is stagnation that leads to death.

 Imagine living the life of a Nordic nomad, where snowstorms are aspects of everyday living, and your world is enshrouded by darkness for months on end, still you are happy, light hearted, and fearless.   Contending with frigid waters, sub-zero temperatures, and a constantly shifting environment requires ingenuity, an understanding of the elements, and a deep spiritual reverence for life, merriment and song.

Centuries of long, cold winter nights caused the Inuit people to develop and hone the art of storytelling. Today, a multitude of myths and legends can be found in the southern tip of Siberia, across the Barren Strait into Greenland, northern Canada and Alaska. The energy of Sila Innua is a common theme throughout these stories, and this venerated wind is generally regarded as formless, invisible wind energy possessing a plethora of special powers and attributes. The northern tribes had access to this indwelling spirit that could transform itself into wind and breath. Sila Innua was regarded as the soul of all objects, people, and animals as it followed them from one life into the next.

To these Sea Hunters, every animate and inanimate component of the universe was permeated with the energy of Sila Innua. They believed their beautifully crafted weapon would encourage the spirit of animals to willingly sacrifice their lives. One myth refers to Sedna (another manifestation of Sila Innua), the sea mother who controls the elements of nature, and responds with violent storms if taboo or customs have been broken. The Angakkut’s (Shamans) were wary of losing favor with Sedna and made regular spirit flights to appease her lest she threaten their livelihood.


If Sila Innua appears in the East, it is time to pause, reflect and think before you speak. Use your powers of reason carefully, and ponder all options before manifesting your thoughts into action.  A question may elicit many different responses; sometimes silence is most appropriate. Be conscientious when selecting a name for a new business or a newborn child.

The Inuit believed that every word is imbued with a specific energy and meaning. If you are being buffeted by a cold arctic wind, consider “Holding your tongue” until Sila Innua changes course.


If Sila Innua manifests in the southern quadrant you are being advised to trust your instincts. Flight or Fight is a primary human instinct allowing for quick response in extreme situations, and by heeding the advice of Sila Innua, you will act in the appropriate manner. Become engage in your sensuous surroundings,  find peace in your current situation, before proceeding.

If Sila Innua slams into you broadside and blows you off course, it is an indication that the anxieties and fears of the world around you are clouding your vision, and hampering your progress. Listen to the Sea Mother Sedna, and you’ll discover how to reset your sails and get back on course.


When Sila Innua walks through the west door of your life, embrace the darkness while you look forward to sharing the light of dawn with friends and family. This is a time to spend with others sharing stories, singing, and crafting, playing games, walking in nature or cooking together.

If Sila Innua appears in the contrary position it is time to wake up, get energized and move out of the darkness. Get creative and reward yourself by reenergizing your living space with a beautiful makeover.


Sila Innua always blows in from the North when it’s time to go withdraw and go within. Introspection, tranquility and solitude are the operative words here. The Inuit called this time, “Inutuaq” choosing to walk with only your thoughts in order to engender respect, wonder and gratitude.

If you’re natural rhythm is out of sync, Kinak the North Wind, will blow with unusual force. This is a time to withdraw from the outer world. Focus on your Inner Self and reconnect with the raw nature of your own life. Turn off all your devices and surrender, until you feel the wind reconnect you with the larger whole.

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