Hulda, “Hidden”


Hulda: Teutonic Wind Goddess of  Charity Hulda means “the covered one, or hidden” Her patronage includes whirlwinds, snowfalls, fertility and the souls of children. This wind goddess generates fiery ethers that fuel the central hearth. Fire is integral to sustaining life, and whenever smoke mingles with Hulda’s sacred breath, the soul of a community ignites. […]

Feng Po Po, Madame Wind


China Harmony The concepts of Harmony and Balance predate the written word, and are vital aspects of the Feng Shui Compass and China’s ideology. Feng Shui (literally Wind –Water) was designed as a system to keep humanity aligned with the forces of nature. The Chinese believe that wind and water contain an invisible energy known […]

Change your symbols, change your life

sumerian symbols

Humans have always sought to define the world by studying the Law of Opposites in Nature. The development of language began with simple pictures, developing from realistic to abstract, and eventually forming complex concepts. It is human nature to seek order, harmony and balance. The wind is a constant, steady force that helps us to […]

Nil’chi; lend your ear to the wind


Nil’chi, “the holy wind that informs everything,” offers guidance to those whose inner ears are open. When the universe was created, the Sacred Wind entered the darkness of the underworld. Dark and light wind energy joined as one, giving birth to mists of lights that traveled to the four corners of the middle world. These […]