Weather Vane Process

Weathervanes are man made devices that show the direction of the wind. This ancient system of wind tracking can be very useful in your daily life.

Learning to interpret your own weathervane on a daily basis will help you gravitate towards your goal of awakening. This simple practice will help you to determine your current resistance  (pivot point), inner wind (sail), and current cardinal direction of the wind (pointer). Removing obstacles and resistances is vital for success in life.

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Removing obstacles and resistances is vital for success in life. Click To Tweet

The Wind and the Bee

There were angry bees everywhere.Guest Blogger: Heather Huff.

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My wind whistle told me a few weeks ago that it was going to break soon and showed me a picture of itself, bulb cracked open, spirit released to the wind, mission complete. I felt shocked, and certainly not ready for this to happen and asked it to please not go. It told me that it came to me to ignite something specific in me, to assist me in clearing out on a very deep level and to help make way for the becoming that is about to emerge from within. Yesterday marked a turning point in my relationship with my thoughts. I have been working with the whistle daily: clearing, clearing, clearing. I have cleared so much that I got to the place where I became conscious of the fact that I am the one choosing to give my power to negative and self limiting thoughts. That I am literally choosing the fabric for which my reality is woven by not taking charge of my thoughts. I have let them run amok.

Yesterday,  marked a new beginning for me. One in which, from the moment I open my eyes, I am consciously choosing positive thoughts. That I am using intentional positive affirmations to lay the framework for my days…for my life…for my relationship with myself. I had drawn Vayu day before yesterday and knew that I was ready for this new relationship with my inner strength. With my power. I felt better all day yesterday than I ever remember feeling…in my mind and in my emotions. I felt so calm and grounded. “All is well” is one of the main thoughts I am practicing.

Fast forward to yestHand-crafted one-of-a-kind Wind Whistleerday evening. I ended up with a spur of the moment evening off and so as a family we went down to the river. There is an island there, in the headwaters of this spring fed river, just by our house, where we play. When we got there, there were angry bees everywhere. My kids were scared, my husband was scared. So we moved down to the other side of the island and they were there, too. My husband wanted to leave. I wanted to try something.

Part of what the whistle has been showing me is that with a shift in perception (vibratory focus) we can be consciously and harmoniously at one with all of life. I was standing in a shallow part of the river, water up to my knees. I closed my eyes, inhaled deeply and opened the bottoms of my feet.

As I exhaled, I merged my heart and third eye energy and reached out for the consciousness of the colony of the bees. Click To TweetIt was right there, their collective feelings and intelligence and they felt me connect with them. I asked what was wrong, what had happened? A captain bee (what he called himself) reached out to me in response and told/showed me that their home had been violently destroyed by a scared human. And that the hive had been hit with such a shock wave force of fear (transferred from the body and field of the person who destroyed their home) and so quickly, that the colony’s collective vibration absorbed the fear and threw them into a state of massive agitation. He was trying to collect them, energetically, so that they could make a choice together…but the pandemonium was too great.

I apologized for the unconsciousness of the person who did that to them and asked how I could help. He showed me a huge light source and asked me to breathe into in and then exhale the light into the matrix of their colony. This I did for a few minutes and could feel them calming down and coming together. I asked them if they could please fly to the other side of the river, as my children were feeling scared. I felt them all come together energetically. When I opened my eyes, they were flying away, across the river.

 captain bee (what he called himself) reached out to meI felt filled with such immense gratitude after this experience and I breathed into it, relaying the experience to my husband, who, bless his heart, was a bit dumbstruck. And then, how the wind did blow! It howled down from up river, bending all of the treetops and whisking back our hair. We all started whooping for joy and opening ourselves to “hug” the wind. The sky morphed with the oncoming storm clouds and a HUGE rainbow shot across the entire sky!!!

I COULD NOT BELIEVE THIS WAS HAPPENING. All I could do was LAUGH! It was all SO SURREAL.Click To Tweet Beyond surreal. The wind picked up and picked up and the sky grew darker and darker except the one patch with the rainbow. Then the clouds opened up and such a rain came pouring down as we have not seen in months.

My daughter asked the lightening to please not strike until we got home…and it didn’t…but when it started it was lightening strike after lightening strike lighting up the sky. We felt wide open and energized from all of that electricity. So we turned off all of the lights and opened up all of the windows and sat in front of our huge living room window to watch the lightening. I went to light a candle and get my journal to record the experience with the bees.

When I grabbed my journal off of my desk, in the dark, I heard a crash and a pop and for a moment I stood motionless. I knew what that was. I knew the time had come. And I knew why. Because I was ready. And my whistle knew it. It waited for me. Waited until I was ready. I didn’t know that I was ready but it did. I crossed a threshold yesterday and I am not even completely certain what that means but I can feel it. And so I shall honor my whistle by returning it’s pieces to the Earth as it has asked me to do. (The Aztec face is still completely in tact and it instructed me to carve it out and to keep it to work with.) I look forward to seeing where that takes me…and, when the time is right…for my next whistle.

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Yeongdeung Halmang Respect and Balance

Korean Muism: Yeongdeung Halmang (Yŏngdŭng Halmang)

Yeongdeung_Halmang_Korean Goddess of WindDawn breaks early across the fertile lands of northeast Asia, shedding light onto a complex culture whose indigenous traditions have survived for eons, despite scant documentation, and strict political regimes. Insight into the Ancient history of Korea is found in two government-sanctioned documents:  Samguk-sagi (History of the Three Kingdoms) and Samguk Yusa (Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms.) Both records describe a time when there were three distinct kingdoms in Korea: Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla; today there are nine.  The older Chinese document, Samguk Sagi, was compiled under the rule of Goryeo’s King Injong (12th century). [2] The latter document was written by Buddhist Monk, Iryeon (13th century) near the end of his life, as an attempt to preserve the missing folktales.[3] Both versions were political manifesto used to justify transcendental authority, and promote the religious ideals of Confucianism.

Jeju, the island of 18,000 gods, adds intrigue to the history of ancient Korea. While indigenous practices disappeared from the history books, keun-gut ( great shaman rituals) survived typhoons, incessant winds, war, and drought. Jeju lies south of the Korean mainland, between China and Japan. The strategic military location of this peaceful community has made it a casualty of war throughout Korean history.

Halmang Seolmundae, is the giant goddess who embodies the omnipresent Mt. HalleHalmang Seolmundae, is the giant goddess who embodies the omnipresent Mt. Halle, and watches over this mysterious land of volcanoes.  Legend speaks to a time at the beginning of the universe when the giant Grandmother, created Mt. Halle with a mere seven shovels of dirt and watches over this mysterious land of volcanoes. Legend speaks to a time at the beginning of the universe when the giant Grandmother, created Mt. Halle with a mere seven shovels of dirt. Some of the dirt escaped through her tattered skirt and formed secondary parasitic cones called oerum. One legend states that Halmang Seolmundae accidently fell into a cauldron of boiling soup, which her sons consumed by accident. They cried such bitter tears after discovering what they had done, that their grief transformed them into rocks. These 380 oerum are the silent Generals who help Grandmother watch over the island.  Each spring their tears revive multi-colored azalea blossoms that blanket Mt Halle.[4]

The New Yorker, March 29, 2015
The New Yorker, March 29, 2015

In this non-matriarchal society, independent, hard-working women are honored, because they possess the strength of character required to fish and farm the windswept land. Haenyeo are Jeju women who make their living by manually harvesting fish from the ocean floor.[5] These women dive without breathing equipment, wearing lead weights as they descend into the sea to depths of 33 feet.[6]  Farming the rocky earth brought many difficulties, including years of barren harvests, which led to famine. Their community is bound together by a strong faith, which is expressed through their rituals.

During the month of Yeongdeung, all activities such as fishing, moving, traveling, and household repairs are suspended. Community members prepare for the arrival of Yeongdeung Halmang by cleaning and cooking. The Haenyeo adorn their homes and kitchens with offerings of bamboo and specialty prepared foods to ensure that the fishing winds will blow in their favor.[7] A “fickle cold” wind portends the Grandmothers arrival on the first day of the second lunar cycle. Her stay ranges from three days to a fortnight, from mid-February to mid-March.[8] An elaborate three-part ritual is performed in honor of her arrival; Her visit determines the fate of the harvest. If she arrives as a strong wind villagers plan for a stormy year, if she arrives on a sunny day, a drought is forecast, and her appearance on a rainy day indicates days of plenty and rich harvests are forthcoming[9].

When Yeongdeung Halmang, makes landfall in your life, her arrival foretells the outcome of your endeavor. Now is time to establish an equilibrium in your life between, work, play, and ritual.Click To Tweet

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Set the table in preparation for a guest of honor, for she will bring an abundant harvest to your ideas.  The Wind ritual contains three parts: a welcome rite, a farewell rite, and Soseom (Udo), or Cow Island, where Grandmother Yeongdeung is said to stay on another island for one day before returning home.[10]  In preparation for this ceremony, the sacred site is decorated with five long colored streamers, and many food-laden tables featuring special oblong flat rice cakes, that have specially prepared for the Grandmother. The Shamans dance while symbolically opening a storage chest as an invitation for the ancestors (gods/goddesses) to enter and participate. Ritual bells, incense, a sacred fan, dance and songs are used to entice and entertain Grandmother Yeongdeung. The time has arrived to prepare for a new cycle of personal growth.

Member of the community hoped Yeongdeung Halmang would feed on the rice cakes, to satiate herself and bring temperate winds. It is time to ask yourself, “What beliefs am I feeding, and what is the motivation for my goals?”

On the second lunar month, Grandmother Yeongdeung, the wind goddess arrives on a breeze.South

If Yeongdeung Halmang arrives from the South, Olle (invitations) are forthcoming. In Jeju the Olle is the path between the house and the village. Grandmother has cleared the way for new beginnings, but are you emotionally prepared?

It is time to embark on a deep-sea dive and find your inner strength. Good fortune awaits you, but you may have to dive deep below the surface of the ocean to acquire it. Yeongdeung Halmang brings good fortune when she blows in from the South, so be sure to express your gratitude for the typhoons, abundant shellfish and crops that she provides.

Greed is an undesirable and punishable trait in Korea. If you are planning a new enterprise or thinking of starting a new relationship, and the chilly winds of Yeongdeung Halmang suddenly appear, make sure your intentions are noble. Intense desire can be a sign of a blind spot, which may require the guidance of a wise counselor to understand. If you believe that your happiness is dependent on having more money, sex, fame, and possessions—then you need to reassess your outlook on life


Balance requires give and take. Yeongdeung Halmang arrives as a consummate negotiator when she blows in from the West. She offers you physical rewards, but to receive them, you must release yourself from people, places and things that are no longer in your best interests.

Materialism can be a source of unhappiness. Are you like a squirrel that’s stockpiling nuts in anticipation of a long winter? If you had to evacuate your home in thirty minutes, what would you take with you? Its time to determine what is extraneous in your inner and outer worlds, and then clean house.


You are being invited to dance with the ancestors when Yeongdeung Halmang rushes in from the North. Community Ritual is a powerful force that sustains life. In order to gain consensus in any situation, there must be a buy-in from the stakeholders. For more than 10,000 years, during times of peace and chaos, they were able to preserve their community rituals by listening to the wise counsel of their ancestors.

Grandmother is alerting you to broaden your awareness, and be in service to something greater than yourself. Ask, “Am I being of service to others as well as to myself? Open your eyes, mind heart and soul. Give of yourself unconditionally so that others may benefit from your kindness and generosity.

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Ehecatl; Ignite your Passion

Ehecatl-Quetzalcoal (Ehecat) is the Aztec God of invisibility and intangibility who oversees the mysteries of passion and love.

In order to fully understand adult love one must experience loss in a personal manner.  Seeds of passion sometimes grow in the ashes of disappointment, and later blossom into fragrant spring lilies. Like the wind, love, passion and relationships are also mysterious forces.

If Ehecatl appears in your life, a wonderful surprise is stirring in the chaotic ashes of your subconscious self, and will soon manifest in your life.Click To Tweet

Aztec cosmology is built on the framework that there are five suns.  Each sun represents a creation story in which humans are born, sustained and destroyed by the elements of nature; earth, wind, fire, water, and earthquake respectively.  Ehecatl is one of the many faces of the Quetzalcoatl, the famed feathered serpent deity.  In Nahuatl, Ehecatl means four winds, referring to the four cardinal directions.

Ehecatl presided over the second sun of creation that was called, “4 Wind.”  During this period, human beings fell from the grace of the Gods and were destroyed by a hurricane. As Ehecatl blew, it swept away the debris, and those who survived were transformed into monkeys.  Ehecatl reappeared in the Fifth Sun after the world was destroyed by fire.

Ehecatl traveled deep into the underworld and persuaded Mictlantecuhtili, the God of Death, to give back some ashes and bone. Ehectal mixed the bone with blood from the Gods and created humanity.

According to Aztec legend, Ehecatl snuck into the lower world, abducted the maiden Mayahuel, and brought her to the middle world.  Their passion was so great that they became one and merged into a tree.  Upon awaking from sleep Tzetzimutl journeyed to the middle world, pulled the lovers apart, shredded her grand daughter Mayahuel into pulp, and then returned Ehecatl to his rightful place in the wind.

Whenever the wind blows, the Aztec believes it is an expression of Ehecatl’s desire.Click To Tweet

If Ehecatl appears as a longing East wind, it is time to listen closely to your heart. East

If Ehecatl appears as a longing East wind, it is time to listen closely to your heart. New projects, new lovers, art and/or music will ignite your passion.

As a contrary wind, Ehecatl can remove worn-out love stories and soured memories that are preventing you from experiencing a new cosmic order in your life. It is time to examine your beliefs regarding love.


Ehecatl is fanning the flames of your innermost feelings and hidden desires. A willingness to love again will arise from the ashes. You are worthy of love and passion. Allow the mysterious thread of the universe to carry you into the next cycle.

Unlike Ehecatl, who was molded from a stone knife, you are an emotional being who thrives on love.  In the contrary position, a howling Ehecatl is prompting you to open your heart to love.  There is a wind-stirring deep within asking you to soften your heart in order to forgive those who have harmed you. Now is the time to heal the emotional scars left behind by abuse, loss, or abandonment.


Ehecatl brings the rains to nourish your crops, signaling the end of the dry season. Wash away your inhibitions, and rejuvenate your body with physical activity. Celebrate by dancing, hiking, gardening, swimming or sex.

When Ehecatl appears in the reverse position you are being offered forbidden fruit, so be alert and cautious.  The sun may set on your goals if you merge with the wrong energies, as in the tale of Ehectal and Mayahuel.

Misguided passion and intrigue might pull you from your true path if you do not establish clear boundaries. Ask Ehecatl to help you to sweep away any blocks that stand between you and a bountiful harvest.


When Ehecatl blows in from the North, it is a sign that invisible forces are at work in your life. A soul mate isn’t necessarily your lover; it might be someone who has your back, no matter what troubles you may be facing.  Enrich your life by connecting deeply with the people you love, and with those who have your best interests at heart.

In the contrary position Ehecatl points out that you are neglecting certain daily rituals which prevent you from keeping your spiritual life in order.  Ask Ehecatl to help you understand the deeper aspects of your true self. It might be something as simple as rearranging your altar, planning a vacation or going on a spiritual retreat.

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Vayu; Indus Strength

vayu_wind_cardVayu, Indus


In Indian mythology, Vayu is a supreme deity that rules the space between the sun and earth. As a giver and taker of life, his role includes balancing light and dark energies. He is also known as a purifier, explorer, messenger of the gods and leader of sacrifices.[i] As one of the strongest Gods, Vayu is portrayed as a white man carrying a bow and arrows as he sits atop a deer. He is often seen accompanying Vishnu’s Golden Chariot.

          Vayu is attributed to severing the peak of Mount Meru, a sacred mountain of Indus cosmogony. In one tale, the omnipresent Vayu overhears two Gandharvas (nature spirits), discussing the strength of Vasuki, the snake deva. According to their narrative, Vasuki originally created the world. He transformed himself into a rope that anchored the very first boat to a horn fish, which allowed the Lord to emerge from the stormy sea. Upon hearing this, Vayu became enraged and a battle with Vasuki ensued. Vasuki wrapped himself around Mount Meru three times, and Vayu blew his breath full force in an attempt to uncoil hm. As Vayu blew harder the mountain swayed, and Vasuki tightened his grip. Mount Meru ordered them to cease their battle lest he tumble into the sea, and put an end to civilization. Brahma appeased Vaya and Vasuki by praising their virtues. As Vasuki released his grip the peak of Mount Meru sank into the sea.

An understanding of Vayu provides insights into the intrinsic nature of time, space, karma, life, and death.[ii]

Vayu is viewed as a formless, spiritual wind; a prevailing, dynamic force of nature that energizes all life, but, when absent, invariably leads to stagnation and death.Click To Tweet

Vayu offers You Strenght during times of ChangeEast

The appearance of Vayu in the East signifies that now is the time to use the power and strength of your mind to undertake something new in your life.

Like Vasuki, ideas can also be steadfast and stubborn. Thoughts are neither good nor bad; some are lighter, while others are denser. Vayu is asking you to become more aware of your thoughts and memories.

In the contrary position, this card suggests that you stop comparing your gifts with others. Are you clinging to outmoded ideas? Patience is required and timing is of the utmost importance.


Vayu is a temperamental wind known for his sudden outbursts. Progress is slow when we react from a place of resentment, pain or anger. Use the power of Vaya and visualize your negative emotions gracefully exiting your body. Once Vayu relaxed and stopped resisting, an island of peace and harmony manifested.

If Vayu appears in the contrary position, it means you should hold on, and sway with the breeze. Be observant and patient. When the time is right, respond accordingly.


Vayu can be always felt but never seen. Likewise, our actions are often invisible to others and ourselves. Have faith in your strength. Tap into the powerful energy of Vayu before you embark on a journey or commence a project. Be patient and you’ll be amply rewarded.

If Vayu is blowing against you, you may have to surrender, pause and reenergize before moving on. It makes sense to work alongside community members during the harvest, for there is strength in numbers. This is a time to proceed with caution; Vayu is said to have fathered hundreds of offspring because of his impetuousness.


The arrival of Vayu in the North signifies that an energetic interplay between static and dynamic winds is taking place within you. You are being challenged to look deeply into your inner self and discover your life’s purpose as a spiritual being. Your actions, or lack of them will directly impact your Fate and Karma.

The North West quadrant is where Vayu makes his home. He’ll blow into your face forcefully and incessantly until you learn how to connect with the formless residing within. Thoughts, feelings and actions are manifestations of latent creative energies. What are you expressing in your life today? What are you pouring into your Divine Matrix?

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[i] The Myths and Gods of India: The Classic Work on Hindu Polytheism for the   Inner Traditions, Bear Company, Alain Danielou Accessed on the web,

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