Wayramama; Right Relationship

Quero_prayers-lgWayramama HuayraMama

Peruvian  Reciprocity

Along the invisible ceque lines are sequences of mountains, rocks, outcroppings, caves and stone fortes that are aligned to the astrological cycles. Hundreds of Haucas (holy places) dot the landscape of the Tahuantinsuyu, which is comprised of four suyus (geographical areas).

Haucas can incorporate themselves in many different forms such as people, birds and wind. Winds disseminated from these entities can be benevolent, disruptive, or deadly.

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Apus (mountain lords’) serve as intermediaries between paqos, the Gods/Goddesses and the winds. There are many types of wind energies circulating throughout the Andes, including Wayramama, the mother of the sky who is envisioned as a great serpent that moves with a great wind. “It is said in the Amazon that when she takes a bath, the sound of thunder is heard between the clouds, but no rain will fall[1]

All living things are animated with spirit. This concept is the sacred seed of reciprocity, today for me, tomorrow for you. From this core principle of Anyi, all actions flow, radiating outward from the heart, like the ceque lines found in the temple of the sun. Anyi also ensures survival. Growing potatoes on shallow terraces stacked along steep mountain cliffs requires support from others; all selfless actions are complimentary; today you receive, so tomorrow you must give back.

When Wayramama appears in your life you are being called to take direct action that will elicit an acute awareness of the natural order in your life.

To learn more about working with these wind energies, check out the 7-day Wind Believers Challenge.  Here.

Visionary Artist-Pablo Amaringo,
Visionary Artist-Pablo Amaringo,


When Wayramama appears in the East, she is ushering in a rebirth of thought. When the missionaries brought Christianity into Peru, some beliefs were complimentary, and easily integrated, while others, like original sin, did not fit with their beliefs and were rejected. Christian statues were embraced as if they were alive with kawsay (life force energy). Now is the time to listen to, and lead with your heart; look for the aliveness in all things, allow your mind to shape shift your memories and dreams into a practical living reality.

In the contrary position Wayramama can be mal viento, creating confusion, chaos and doubt. Like your Andean brothers and sisters, look to nature to provide you with the proper spiritual guidance.


When mother wind appears in the South, examine how you are expressing yourself and transmitting energy into the world around you. Are you giving and receiving in a balanced manner, or are you leaking energy? A reciprocal transfer of energy is necessary if a transaction is to be successful.

If the furious winds of the Wayramama appear in the contrary position it is time to take examine your less desirable traits. Thievery, deceit, laziness and incest create hucha (heavy energies,) and discord. Now is the time to forgive yourself and others so that you may restore balance in your life.


If the wind currents of Wayramama appear in the West, a death of some kind is imminent. Death can take many forms; the ending of a job or relationship, a physical death, or the death of an outmoded idea or behavior. Lighten your load, clear your energy, and make room for a transformation.

If you have not cleared your hucha, Wayramama may appear as a Machu Wayra, bringing illness or inclement weather. Often, physical symptoms will appear in order to bring about a needed change. In Peru, shamans are recognized and chosen when they are struck by lightning. Are you answering the call in your life?

Alex Grey
Alex Grey


Wayramama arrives in the north to remind you that being, and doing, must meld together as a single process. It is time to return to the source and fertilize your dreams. Take a hike to the top of a mountain where the stream originates, and offer a prayer of gratitude to the Huaca.

When your dreams are not reflecting your desires, Wayramama may be blowing in reverse. It is time to exercise the proper use of power. Exhale and release all of your doubts, fears and disappointments into a blade of grass, and allow the Wayramama to carry them away.

[1] Inca Glossary. Accessed online http://www.incaglossary.org/a.html, July 15, 15.

Kari: Creation through Word

Art by Raven Kaldera. Kari ancient Norse Wind God
Art by Raven Kaldera. Kari ancient Norse Wind God

Norse • Expression

Kari is an ancient, icy breathed, shape-shifting wind giant from mythical Asgard in Northern Scandinavia. He is believed to have created everything through his word, with the exception of planet Earth.

The Aesir (“ICE-ear”) were major Germanic deities who governed the forces of nature. Kari’s interest in mankind is to govern self-expression.

He is the overseer of sound who teaches people how to sing and move energy.

Cooperating with Kari will teach you how, to “go with the flow,” and adapt to ever-changing conditions. Appearing youthful in the spring, Kari ages as the season’s progress, becoming a bearded old man by winter. His personification of the aging process is a reminder to exercise caution when choosing your words. Just as young children will sometimes blurt out immature interpretations of what they experience at home, and embarrass their parents, over time they acquire wisdom, and learn to practice restraint. Kari cautions us to resist making snap judgments or jumping to conclusions.

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The Aesir believe that each element of nature has it’s own in-dwelling spirit, and when left unchecked, these patterns can become harmful. In the same way we assume authority over our inner child, the ancient Aesir empowered the giants to exert authority over nature, thereby ensuring harmony in world of man.

Rainbow-Bridge-Bifrost: If you resist change, your options will become limited, trapped like the giants who were unable to pass the firey bifrost (Rainbow Bridge) to reach the Milgard, the upper world of awakening.How you manage change depends on your ability to accept present conditions. Eventually you will be able to manage challenges easily like the shapeless winds passing through narrow channels. By contrast, if you resist change, your options will become limited, trapped like the giants who were unable to pass the firey bifrost (Rainbow Bridge) to reach the Milgard, the upper world of awakening. By surrendering to the energy of change, you‘ll find yourself in a safe, warm, and happy place, even if a frosty north wind momentarily ices your dreams.

The wind makes music when it rustles through the leaves of a tree or strikes a wind chime. Our breath also makes music when it passes through the reed of a clarinet or across the openings of a flute. This kind of friction relates to the energy of Kari.

If you find yourself in the midst of a significant change, ask yourself, “What is my desired outcome?” and, “How can I best use this change to navigate successfully through life?” Learning to accept change brings wisdom.


New ideas and dreams are formed in the East. In Norse Mythology, Kari is the oldest son of Fornjót, the frost giant. His name literally means gust of wind; he is the father of snow, frost, blizzards, and storms. As the storms and blizzards of your life recede with the spring thaw, new ideas will start to form. When Kari arrives as a cool breeze, he may manifest as a young man, a true ally, energized and ready to help you meet any challenges you may encounter.

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The arrival of Kari as a relentless, contrary east wind is a signal that you should examine long-held beliefs. Since memories are stored in the East, it is time to take note of the dragons in your life; those archaic beliefs that have become extinct. Keep in mind that your brain has the capacity to generate innovative ideas. Acknowledge old, worn out thoughts and memories, and then cast them into the wind.


Kari ages with the growing cycle. Summer is a time of naivety and surprises; expect rapid and unexpected changes in your life. Love may arrive on an invisible wind. It is important to express your needs because without emotional balance you will feel battered and bruised.

When Kari’s wind leaves your shelter-less, it is easy to fall prey to the two-headed monster of fear and doubt. Words can sting like frost on your face when you regress into childlike behavior. This is a good time to take daily walks in nature and seek wise counsel. Take a deep breath, pause and reflect, before giving wind to emotionally charged ideas. Be mindful of the words you utter, because like frost on a window, they can leave scars.

Asgard-Midgard: The Aesir (“ICE-ear”) were major Germanic deities who governed the forces of nature. Kari’s interest in mankind is to govern self-expression.West

Kari arrives as a song on the breath of the wind; a gentleman dancing with the leaves as they fall from the trees. He encourages you to sing along and keep your energy flowing lest darkness engulf your life. Breathe deeply and celebrate before proceeding. Changes of season can be stressful on the body. Pay close attention to your lungs; breathe slowly and deeply.

How are you coping with physical challenges such as aging, illness or injury? Listen to Kari and you’ll know what part of your body requires immediate attention. Do you find yourself fueling your body with junk food in attempt to deal with stress and appease your anxieties? In this quadrant, the presence of Kari reminds you that your body is a sacred temple that requires attention and respect.


Whenever soul has a great need for expression, Kari blows in from the north and offers his wisdom. Your dreams may need to be put on hold until the frost on the window fades. Wait patiently with Kari in his cave at Niflheim until the blizzards have subsided.

If you find yourself in the midst of bitter confusion, ask yourself, “What is my desired outcome?” and, “How can I best use this change to successfully navigate through life?” Learning to accept the unseen will make you wiser. Everything in nature is perfectly timed. Whenever you need guidance, sing your songs of pain and joy with passion, and know that the wisdom of Kari is always yours for the asking.


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A More Energized You

Christopher Knippers and Dr Joan BorysenkoGuest Blogger by Christopher Knippers, Ph.D.

The highly intelligent, yet humorous, humble, and deeply spiritual psychologist and medical researcher Dr. Joan Borysenko spoke to an inspired audience at Michael’s House Outpatient Services in the Courtyard on a magical, balmy Palm Springs evening recently about how to renew their vitality after becoming exhausted from giving too much of themselves in their passion to help others. This burnout affects most people at some time in their lives, but especially those in the helping professions.

Everyone has some natural “gift.” Whatever you do that gives you fulfillment and at the same time benefits others in any way is likely your gift. It can be in the realm of personal relationships, business, creativity, or any number of other areas of life.

The problem is, regardless of your gift, everyone at some point feels like they have nothing left to give. This is now known as “burn-out.”Click To Tweet

Everyone reaches a time in life when they aren’t even wanting to do what used to make them happiest: Tired; lack of joy; desperate to relax; maybe irritable. It is especially the “natural givers” of this world who reach that place most often. It is sometimes mistaken for depression.   But multi-bestselling author Dr. Joan Borysenko has highly effective yet simple methods to replace burnout with the joy of practicing your gift with a sense of energy, as her research-based book, Fried, details.

Joan_crowdThe following is my interpretation of Dr. Joan’s talk for my own life. First, it is important to recognize that you have been giving too much of your natural energy away. Next, recognize that in order to continue letting your gift contribute to others and at the same time give you fulfillment, you need to stop and recharge your battery.

We all love our little pocket computers (we still call them “phones”) because they serve us so well in so many ways; yet, all of them need to be recharged on a regular basis. You need to recharge at least as often as you recharge that phone, because you do so much more than that little computer. Give yourself permission to recharge. Then, do it before your battery is totally drained.

Dr. Joan taught us that the part of the brain that is active when we are in a state of happiness (the prefrontal cortex) can be activated by practicing meditation.

Meditation is simply relaxing your body and your mind without the use of chemicals. Click To TweetPeople who meditate for at least 20 minutes a day report a much greater degree of happiness than the general population. In brain research studies these people who regularly practice meditation show highly increased activity in the prefrontal cortex. Learn to meditate for at least 20 minutes a day by finding a quiet place, closing your eyes, taking 3 deep breaths, thinking about the muscles of your body relaxing from head to toe, then thinking about a peaceful place you have been. It can be that simple. Even when your mind wanders, simply come back to thinking of the peaceful place and continue your meditation.

Dr. Joan also recommends deep breathing, as this activates chemicals in the brain (called GABBA) that suppress feelings of anxiety. If you get to feeling anxious at work, this is a simple way to take just a couple of minutes to calm down. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Your brain will suppress the stress signals and you will be calmer.

Another major part of avoiding burnout, is to give yourself permission to say, “No.” And, remember that “No” is a complete sentence. It requires no explanation to the person to whom you are saying it. Dr. Joan instructed us to, “Disappoint at least one person a day.” Otherwise, you are not really taking care of yourself, but rather you are too focused on meeting others’ needs instead of listening to your own needs.

Keep in mind that unless you are taking care of yourself, you are not going to be your best at sharing the natural gifts that you have. Just like the flight attendant always announces on the plane, “Put Your oxygen mask on first, before you try to help a child.” In the same way, recharge your own battery on a regular basis before you try to be of use to anyone else.

Take just 20 minutes a day to take a few deep breaths and meditate.Click To Tweet Breath deeply anytime you start to feel stress. Learn to say “No” when you are not really in a position to meet someone else’s needs. By doing these simple things, you will experience the joy that comes from continuing to discover and practice the gifts that you have to help others. You can continue sharing your gifts more effectively; and you can contribute to a more energized Coachella Valley.

The next Open Door Speakers Series is open to the public on November 4, 2016 at 5:30 PM at the Courtyard in Palm Springs feature Buddhist Noah Levine, and promises to bring valuable insights to the people of the Coachella Valley in their personal growth.

Enlil Supreme Deity of Fate and Destiny



Destiny – Fate

According to ancient mythology recorded on cuneiform tablets unearthed in the area once known as Mesopotamia (Iran-Iraq,) chaos and darkness ruled the universe before the advent of civilization. Over time, exalted gods of nature were personified, and harmony gradually returned to our planet. An was the supreme deity of the heavens. An, the sky, and Ki, the earth, gave birth to Enlil, the executive ruler of Air. Enlil (Lord Air,) a supreme deity and chief of the Gods who granted fates and kingships, was depicted as half bird and half human. Enlil also ruled the elements of agriculture and oversaw all social conventions.

The Sumerians occupied the southeastern region of Mesopotamia, meaning, “land between the rivers,” Tigris and the Euphrates.The Sumerians occupied the southeastern region of Mesopotamia, meaning, “land between the rivers,” Tigris and the Euphrates. This fertile crescent of land, located in an arid desert, was ideal for agriculture and home to a great civilization. The Sumerians made supreme advancements in the use of language, writing, mathematics, architecture, astronomy, irrigation, and property ownership. But was Mesopotamia actually the “cradle of civilization?”

While modern technology often debunks ancient timetables and myths using sophisticated tools such as radio carbon dating, the evidence also shows human fascination with the inexplicable mysteries of nature. Evidence of advanced civilizations predating Mesopotamia by thousands of years, continue to be unearthed including; Gobekli Tepe (11,500 BCE) in Turkey, Dvārakā of the western coast of India (9000BCE), and the Clovis people’s of the Americas (13,500). Putting this into a time perspective, “There’s more time between Gobekli Tepe and the Sumerian clay tablets [etched in 3300 B.C.,] than from Sumer to today,”[1]

Then “something happened.” Some scholars believe there was a cataclysm at the end of the Younger Dryas that destroyed all civilizations. Myths prevail that survivors of this disaster were elevated to God status as they traveled and resettled throughout the darkened world, including the lands of Mesopotamia. [2]

According to these tablets, the first-born son separated his parents; An laid claim to the heavens as he separated from the earth, leaving the powerful Enlil to rule the atmosphere, while his brother Enki, was charged as the keeper of the waters. The separation of elements caused personified-gods to rise from the primeval mud and prepare the earth for human activity. Slaves were also created to service the Gods who grew tired of tilling the land with Enlil’s hoe.

It is time to trust in the power of the Divine.Each community had it’s own ruling God that was appointed by the all-powerful Enlil. From his sacred temple on the mountaintop in Nippur, he administered the Mes; decrees from the Gods that outlined social structure and duties. Admirable traits included war and destruction, implying that for better or worse, all human behavior was divinely inspired. Unable to live up to his own standards, Enlil was banished to the underworld for committing rape, which fathered the concept of good and evil. Humans stopped living in harmony with nature, overpopulation occurred, and according to the favored historical text, the Epic of Gilgamesh, a great flood destroyed civilization.[3]

It was Enlil’s supreme duty to decree all fates, and his commands could not be overturned.Click To Tweet


As the keeper of the Mes, Enlil blows in from the east to give you an insight into dharma, your destiny. Allow the invisible winds of Enlil to enliven the fires of your divine imagination and steer you in the right direction. Just like the ancient creation myths, do not readily accept things at face value. Question authority whenever new information is presented.

When embarking on new journey, or when starting a new enterprise, the forces of nature can be chaotic. If Enlil appears ready to flood your new venture, this suggests that old thoughts and ideas must be destroyed before new possibilities can germinate and grow. There is divine timing behind all events.


The arrival of the Lord Wind in the southern quadrant is a reminder that you were born with free will, and that the choices you’ve made in life have brought you to where you are today. Enlil stirs your karmic emotional patterns, which are important markers of time; each one containing a jewel of wisdom. Once you develop the skills needed to navigate your inner emotional winds, you’ll be able to navigate safely toward your goals.

The presence of Enlil as a raging storm indicates supreme judgment of self and others. Needs and desires are neither good nor bad, so step back and observe your expectations objectively if you want to grasp their true meaning and significance.


Enlil was banished to the netherworld (underworld) for raping his consort, the young grain Goddess Ninlil, and as a result, the cycles of the moon were created. Just as Ninlil remained faithful to Enlil and followed him into the darkness, you are reminded of your own shadowy aspects. Utilize the magic of Enlil’s hoe to till the soil and unearth the answers you are seeking. Facing your own shadow will lift you from a world of darkness, and allow you to shine the light of love and compassion upon yourself and others.

If Enlil arrives as a side wind in the West, death is imminent. This might be the demise of a relationship, a project, an idea etc. Death invariably leads to a birth of something new. New skills must be acquired before entering the next cycle.


The appearance of Enlil as a North Wind indicates that invisible forces are at work in your life. It is time to trust in the power of the Divine. Know that Enlil protects your destiny, which you will attain when conditions are right.

Unexpected upheavals may beset you if your spiritual practices are in not aligned with your river of destiny. When Enlil appears ready to submerge your ideals, ask yourself, “Where am I attached to my outdated spiritual beliefs?” “How can I be of better service to my life’s mission?” and “Am I taking nature for granted?” By restoring order to your rituals, your beliefs will become aligned with your destiny and success will surely follow.

[1] Gobekli Tepe: The World’s First Temple? Quote by Gary Rollefson, article by Andrew Curry Smithsonian Magazine, November 2008. Accessed on the web http://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/gobekli-tepe-the-worlds-first-temple-83613665/#rCZ3ooXZOxIo8uPS.99
[2] Magicians of the Gods: The Forgotten Wisdom of Earth’s Lost Civilization, Graham Hancock, Hodder & Stoughton, Sep 10, 2015. p

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