Putting in the time to harvest this years crop  of successes and taking note of the shortfalls is the first step to ensure a year of joy and bounty in 2017.

Join this 5-session online workshop  today, and learn how you can master your life by learning to navigate the landscape of  ever-shifting winds.

Finish the Year Strong!


 Powerful Exercise to Identify Blocks 

&  Remove Resistance


Renee Baribeau, The Practical Shaman, is now under contract with Hay House Publishing for her upcoming book, “Winds of Spirit.”

Renee is the “Go-To” Soul Coach for innovative change-makers, a dynamic spiritual speaker and workshop presenter. She injects humor and practical wisdom into her dynamic, inspirational WindWork® workshops. Renee will be making a presentation on Nature Based Traditions at the “Religion in Society Conference” in London in 2017.

Her book, Winds of Spirit (Feb 2018) provides practical tools to navigate change in a turbulent world, by restoring faith and harmonizing with Nature.

 Renee Baribeau

The Practical Shaman

  • Ask questions, get answers and develop your knowledge about Winds of Spirit.
  • Create a New Personal Map for Success.
  • Plant New Seeds for Creation for 2017.

Identify and Remove Blocks

 You Can...

Learn to Cooperate with Nature

Create Your 2017 Map

  • Explore the Dynamics of Creativity.
  • Identify Self-Defeating Patterns.
  • Remove Core Energy Blocks by
     working with Winds of Spirit.
  • Learn to Navigate Safely Through Life with Your Inner Awakening Compass.
  •  Explore  your Personal Cycles. Cooperating with Nature Requires Harmonizing with It's Natural Rhythms.
  • Work with the Cardinal Winds.
  •  Receive Your Personal Wind God/Goddess for this work.

Lisa Labon

" There are always next steps on the journey, and Renee helps to accelerate them by bringing our inner purpose in line with our outer goals.  Looking forward to next leaps!"

"Anyone who may be feeling stuck, lost, confused or frustrated would benefit from this class.  There is no wisdom greater than personal insight.  Renee's class helps every person find their own compass bearings.  It's basically a class in learning to sail your own boat.  Gotta love that."

"The Awakening Compass work is perfect for anyone in the midst of confusion, overwhelm or uncertainty about what they are here to do right now. It's a powerful tool for orienting ourselves and seeing the areas in our lives where we are perhaps stuck, and the directions we can move in with surrendered trust that will bring our gifts to life with ease and flow."

Tressa Berman P.h.D

Adie SF

Lori Lothian

"Renee opened a door for me. I walked through and experienced a different reality that I didn't know existed. She taught me tools to help me heal. I am a much happier person now, and I gained a dear, valued friend, as well. I wish I could share this secret, precious gift with everyone.
The door is open. You just have to walk through.."

You will Receive:

  • Five 50-minute Video Calls
  • Free Access to our Private FaceBook Group 
  • Recorded Playback of Each Call
  • Personal Guidance on Group Calls
  • Written Course Materials
  • Wind Workers Tool Kit
  • 45  minute one-on-one intake call with Renee

5 session Online Workshop

with Personal Coaching

November 5 th-December 10 th

You will Receive:

  • Five 50-minute Video Calls
  • Free Access to our Private FaceBook Group 
  • Recorded Playback of Each Call
  • Written Course Materials
  • Personal Guidance on Group Calls


5 session Online Workshop

November 5 th-December 10 th

Putting in the time to harvest your current crop is the first step

in navigating the winds of change and finishing the Year Strong!

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