Navigating change can be hard

You do not have to do it ALONE


Finish the Year Strong

The only constant in life

• Manage challenging relationships.
• Leave your soul-sucking job.
• Deal with illness and loss.
• Wrap your head around the death process.
• Stop Feeling lost in a world of things you “should” do that just don’t light you up.

You are a Wayfinder

You’re here on this planet for a reason

And the reason is NOT to struggle; it’s to HEAL and as a result, to THRIVE

When the leaves turn from green to orange, we are called to really lean into our own transformations

As we navigate the changing times of our life,

I frequently hear from clients that they don’t know what to do

But I’ve got news, YES YOU DO

The truth is: Deep down, your soul knows exactly what to do
The challenge is connecting to your inner voice and letting it guide you.
This is called Wayfinding, and it’s exactly what I’m going to help you do

But I’m not your everyday guru, you see

I use one of the most powerful elements to help you tune into your inner guide and gracefully navigate change

Fall is a time of epic change

“I’m sorry,” you ask,

“did you just say I need THE WIND?”


Yup, you heard me

I use the wind
Wind in nature is an ancient, powerful, transformative movement

that can help you tune in and

TRULY LISTEN to your soul’s path.

Because here’s the thing:
Your intuition knows what you need to feel really fulfilled. Your heart understands where to go to be successful and happy. You KNOW how to navigate uncomfortable change. But you haven’t learned to LISTEN. You haven’t utilized the tools.



In the meantime, you probably feel frustrated, stuck, and exhausted.

Let me guess...

• You’ve accomplished things that you’re proud of, but you can’t seem to find success in the bigger, deeper goals that would make your entire being absolutely SING

• You’ve taken seminar after seminar, read a dozen self-help books, but you try to force and shape “Abundance” into your life from acts of will...and end up feeling powerless and exhausted

• You are paralyzed by fear because you’ve learned to “play it safe,” and now have NO sense of what direction to take in your career, relationships, and dreams

• You’re suffering from illness and disease in your body, possibly a physical manifestation of your soul’s misalignment

• You want to do the inner work to cultivate lasting change, but instead, you find yourself jumping from guru to guru, hoping that one day a mystical word or two will magically give all the tools for growth.

• You’re dying to hone in on your universe-given purpose and gifts but are left feeling drained and exhausted when you try to use them. Walls galore.

•  You feel a deep calling to be a transformative, empowering presence in the world but are terrified by the current climate of conflict, polarizing beliefs, political unrest, and injustice. 

• You understand the intellectual aspects of tuning to spirit to plot your course, but you can’t seem to figure out the applicable tools to make that connection happen.


You just have to learn how to tune into your truth.

I’m talking about




• Find your inner knowing with the wind’s gentle assistance
• Align to Your Magnetic North with the guidance of the Winds of spirit
• Listen to the wind's messages to discover your soul’s purpose
• Be gently blown by the wind to the perfect, ordained coincidences and opportunities

You want meaning and connection. You want to feel FULFILLED and FREE (and NOT just in your bank account).

I’m talking about that overflowing, joyful feeling when your soul and purpose become perfectly and wonderfully aligned. When you let go of relationships that aren’t serving you, goals that don’t feel good and gain clarity on what you truly desire.

I’m talking about that restful, energetic sense when you know that your plans are steadily and organically moving in the exact right direction for your life.

But by listening to the wind, tuning into its movement, and harnessing the power of its perfect flow, you CAN LEARN HOW TO:


So here’s the question:

Do you know what I’m talking about?

The Wind Work® Fall Training:
Finish Your Year Strong

I AM Ready

• Are free of doubt and completely crystal clear about your life’s mission.

• Let go of that dreaded anxiety about your calling, and dive into your gifts with passion and joy.

• Can accomplish goals ABOVE AND BEYOND what you ever imagined, because your plans are FINALLY aligned with your deeper vision.

• Aren’t stressed out or slowed down by rough waters and tricky spots because you have developed the calm inner knowing of where to navigate to continue smoothly on your way.

Imagine a life truly marked by peace and purpose.

Imagine a path free of worry and tension.

Imagine a YOU who is completely honed in on YOUR unique direction on this planet.

Imagine a life where you...

begins October 4, 2017

The Wind Work® Fall Workshop

"My life completely changed once I started my sessions with Renee. Her no nonsense, straightforward approach was the catalyst I needed to start making positive changes in my life. Renee offers spiritual and practical tools that you can immediately put into practice to witness impactful personal growth. My confidence increased, I'm now able to maintain a loving committed relationship and she helped me create healthy boundaries in both my personal and professional life. Renee is a unique grounding force who has a special gift for insight." KZ Television Executive

I’ve lived everywhere from the slums of NYC, to owning my dream cabin on the Saratoga Passage. I completed a BA in Communication and Philosophy from the University of Southern Maine, attended cooking school at The New York Restaurant School in Manhattan, and have spent hours researching the practical aspects of changing one's life.

It wasn’t until year 2012  that I found and began to work with the age-old healing power of the wind.

Through the ups and downs of life, I have learned that true freedom is not plotting a perfectly smooth course (there is no such thing), but turning to the wisdom of the wind  to find your Magnetic North to guide you.

As a healer, motivational speaker, soul-coach, writer, and truth-teller my calling is to communicate the power of The Wind Work® in a practical way to help others understand their place and purpose in the universe, and to identify, invoke, pursue, or create more favorable conditions to improve one's life. The Wind Work® is designed to help you get the answers you need by working with divine forces of nature––namely, wind.

The Awakening Compass work is perfect for anyone in the midst of confusion, overwhelm or uncertainty about what they are here to do right now. It's a powerful tool for orienting ourselves and seeing the areas in our lives where we are perhaps stuck, and the directions we can move in with surrendered trust that will bring our gifts to life with ease and flow.

Lori Lothian

The Awakened Dreamer

The Wind Work® Fall program is an 5-week, intensive soul-program that will go deep into the nitty gritty of navigating your purpose in the world, using the ancient practice of WindWork.

What is The Wind Work®?
The Wind Work® is a practical, applicable, navigational tool designed to provide guidance, focus, and direction in your life, no matter which way the wind is blowing. This work is about meditating on the energy of something powerfully and physically REAL (the wind) and engaging its natural force to create incredible change, clarity, and contentment in your life.

This isn’t meaningless mantras or white-knuckling growth or making a vision board and then sitting back and waiting.

During The Fall Wind Workshop, I will teach you specific tools to unblock resistance, move through your struggles, and truly harvest bounty in your spiritual journey. Now is the time for pulling the weeds, creating the space for amazing things to grow, and learning how to follow the mystical movement of the winds of change in your life.


As a writer, I well know the frustration that comes with creative blocks. Working with Renee and the winds gives me the tools I need to clear the blocks. Renee is a gifted shaman and this work is truly amazing.

Barbara Lucas--Author

Let’s be clear: This isn’t the same old stuff you’ve practiced in the past.

I was on vacation during the winter solstice and had the opportunity to use your solstice mediation on a beautiful night in the Caribbean.  Wow was it powerful! I experienced such gratitude for the past year and cleared anything blocking my growth in 2017. I am beginning the new year with more clarity, gratitude and determination to live my best life and so I thank you!

Danyale Price




Week One: Tilling the Soil

In the first week, you will harness the powerful energy of the group to create your own wind knots to assist you in the massive transformation you’ll experience during the Workshop. We will start with cultivating a foundation of awakening, identification, and releasing to clear the way for new growth, and use Life Mapping and creative exercises to hone in on the new direction you’d like to take!

Week Two: Planting the Seeds

After you clear space for the wind to move in week one, week two will be the time for you to jump fully into the transformative process of working with the winds. You’ll learn about wind archetypes, discover your wind ally for this work, and harness the power of your inner wind to move forward with strength and decision. This is the week for paying attention to what is ready to harvest.

Week Three: Harvesting the Bounty

WindWork is the mystical process of working with an age-old practice to intuitively understand the divine work of nature in your life. In week three you will use your growing understanding to go deeper into removing blocks from the past and learn greater understanding about harnessing the energy of the wind to eliminate stagnation and restore balance in your life.

Week Four: Celebrating the Season, Nurturing Stillness

Fall is such an amazing season of celebration for the bounty, and contemplation of what’s to come. In week four you’ll embark on your own very powerful mini vision quest to move into stillness, open up to deeper knowing, and hone your ability to listen to the wind. During this process, you’ll make your new and improved life map, plot your course of action, and prepare yourself to leverage the wind to move smoothly and strongly forward into your vision.

Week Five: Storing up for the Winter

Alas, my friends, reaping the bounty can’t last forever! The end of fall is when we prepare for winter, a season of hibernation and growth in the dark, cold places. During week five you’ll learn about the cycles of the winds, and other specific skills needed to weather the ups and downs of the next months.

Anyone who may be feeling stuck, lost, confused or frustrated would benefit from this class.  There is no wisdom greater than personal insight.  Renee's class helps every person find their own compass bearings.  It's basically a class in learning to sail your own boat.  Gotta love that.

Lisa Labon

Author Freya Wolfe

NYC Boarding House 1982

Saratoga Passage 2014

Hi, I’m Renee Baribeau, Hay House author, Wind Priest, and known world-wide as “The Practical Shaman.”

What makes a life’s calling, and how do we find it?

In my life I’ve been a restaurateur, entrepreneur, struggling writer, out-of-work chef, visionary, vlogger, and now wind whistler

The Wind Work®

Finish the Year Strong

The Fall Wind Workshop


• 5 weeks  of Focused Intention

5-Hour LIVE The Wind Work® Training from Renee

All sessions will be recorded

• Printable Handouts

• Group Coaching

• Private FB Group

• Email Access for questions

Limit 60 participants

$1400 value, only $397

Wind Believers


Finish the Year Stronger

   1 60-minute private coaching call with Renee;

The Fall Wind Workshop


The Fall Wind Workshop Includes:

• 5 weeks  of Focused Intention

• 5-Hour LIVE Wind Work

Training from Renee

All sessions will be recorded
• Printable Handouts
• Group Coaching
• Private FB Group
• Email Access for questions

Credit toward Certificate Program

$1700 value, only $494

Limit 10 people

I am happy, driven, focused and dating. I am deeply thankful that Renee is a part of my life.It is her compassion, tools and discipline that re-centered me and continue to help me grow, achieve and thrive while working towards my highest potential.

George Warner

Producer: Battle Scars

Renee has one of those unique abilities to see people people for who they are, warts and all, while also helping them achieve their maximum potential and be their best possible selves. She’s instructive without being critical, and I would be a much worse person had I never been fortunate enough to be the beneficiary of her incredible guidance.  Daniel Weidenfeld

Producer: The Pound Hole

Renee is one of a kind. Powerful, direct and incredibly insightful. She cuts through any and all B.S and identifies the core issue even if you have not yourself. Renee sincerely cares for your personal development and growth. She is devoted to all of her clients and does not let you weather the storm alone. 

Sophie S


Renee opened a door for me. I walked through and experienced a different reality that I didn’t know existed. She taught me tools to help me heal. I am a much happier person now, and I gained a dear, valued friend, as well. I wish I could share this secret, precious gift with everyone.
The door is open. You just have to walk through.

Adie SF

Organic Gardener


Finish the Year Bold

  1  60-minute intake private coaching call with Renee

The Fall Wind Workshop

4 30-minute weekly coaching calls with Renee


The Fall Wind Workshop Includes:
• 5 weeks  of Focused Intention
• 5-Hour LIVE Wind Work Training from Renee

All sessions will be recorded

• Printable Handouts
• Group Coaching
• Private FB Group
• Email Access for questions

Credit toward Certificate Program

$3600 value, only $1700

Limit 4 people

Renee opened a door for me. I walked through and experienced a different reality that I didn’t know existed. She taught me tools to help me heal. I am a much happier person now, and I gained a dear, valued friend, as well. I wish I could share this secret, precious gift with everyone.
The door is open. You just have to walk through.

Mario Donato

Psychic Oracle


begins Wednesday, October 4, 2017


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The Fall Wind Workshop is a $1400 value. Live Video Course begins Wednesday, October 4, 2017. Live classes will be held at 7pm(pdt). All calls will be recorded.

For just $397 (that’s less than $11 a day--about the cost of a muffin and a large latte!) you can emerge from the Fall Wind Workshop feeling revitalized in your business, relationships, and life.

Just like pulling your favorite veggies from a garden, I’ve created three different options for you to pick and choose what works best for your health and growth.

Second Harvest & Cornucopia by application only

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