Vayu; Strength

  In Indian mythology, Vayu is a supreme deity that rules the space between the sun and earth. As a giver and taker of life; his role includes balancing the light and dark energies. He is also known as a purifier, explorer, messenger of the gods and … [Read More...]


Hulda, “Hidden"

Hulda: Teutonic Wind Goddess of  Charity Hulda means “the covered one, or hidden” Her patronage includes whirlwinds, snowfalls, fertility and the … [Read More...]


Feng Po Po, Madame Wind

China Harmony The concepts of Harmony and Balance predate the written word, and are vital aspects of the Feng Shui Compass and China’s ideology. … [Read More...]


Your Creative Heart

Aligning to Your Awakening Compass, explore your authentic creativity  A Retreat in Cost Rica November  2015 With Renee Baribeau, The Practical … [Read More...]


Vision Board Class in LA

Align to Your "Awakening Compass®" in 2015 with Creative Fun "When a man does not know to what harbour he is making for, no wind is the right wind.” … [Read More...]


The Shakti Fest

Shakti Fest is a Yoga | Dance | Music Festival which celebrates the devotional path that has its roots in yoga, kirtan, and meditation. It embraces … [Read More...]

Mentoring Programs

The Practical Shaman

Coaching Programs

12 Weeks to Self-Mastery Align to Magnetic North  Magnetic North is a sweet spot. You know your compass is pointing Magnetic North when:  … [Read More...]


  1. Your Creative Heart

    November 5 @ 8:00 pm - November 11 @ 1:00 pm

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